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Review: PSB Stratus Gold Speaker
PSB Goldi is one of the best all round speakers I have owned. I would classify their sound as laid back and unassuming in the British tradition. Very neutral mid range. Bi-amping improves this speaker substantially. I have done this with a Bryston... 
Optical v. Coax digital audio cables
Optical is thre only choice for longer runs. I would look at Wireworld Supernove optical cable;it is the best I've heard. 
WireWorld Equinox Balanced?
Wireworld Equinox are the "entry" level interconnects for the top level cables in the Wireworld line up. They are one of the best cost vs. performance cables around . See UHF website;click on Audiophile page and check out the newest version of the... 
Choice of Wire for Dedicated Line
If you want some good advice on this issue,contact Serguei Timotev;he sells stealth audio cables and he helped me chose the wire and gave me great advice on grounding,etc. Doesn't hurt to have another opinion and he can get some wire for you as we... 
PSB Gold,tweeter upgrade.
Thanks for your comments;as always well thought out and well expressed. I have a lot of equipment and thought I would play around with these older speakers. I am going to upgrade the crossover,and wish to really step up the performance of the twee... 
Your opinion on best In-Wall Speakers for HT Use?
If you are investing the kind of money suggested,I would have a look at Legacy's new in wall line up;they have great specs., although I haven't heard them,they warrant investigation for a premium system. I own other Legacy products used in one of ... 
best diy or used somewhat small speaker 1200
PSB Stratus mini still ranks high in my books;can't argue with any of the above suggestions either. 
Who makes JUST a processor????
Look into a used Sony EP9ES digital proc. and a Millennium dts proc. They mate very well together,the only drawback being you need extra interconnects. These are two components that really overachieve in processing Dolby Digital and DTS respective... 
Best Power Cord
Try a Wireworld Electra iii; I went through several auditions and felt this was the best. There is no question that you won't go wrong with PS audio. i felt they sounded very similiar. 
Best 5 channel amp under 4k
Bryston 9BST is without a doubt the best 5 channel amp out ther under $5000.00. It can be purchased second hand for between 2500-2800 dollars. Bryston has 20 year transferrable warranty as well. 
Cheap Canadians
I agreee that PSB and Paradigm offer tremendous dollar value. I know one of the guys selling on-line (canada hi He is excellent to deal with and extremely customer oriented. I purchased a pair of Stratus mini's from him and was very satis... 
Rotel RHT-10 Tuner
Nanderson, Sorry re-read your post;I misread first time around. I obviously agree with your comments. Apologies. 
Rotel RHT-10 Tuner
I agree that the Rotel RH10 is one of the best tuners ever made at any price,but I strongly disagree about your comments that Rotel provides great back up service. I have the complete Rotel series RMB 10 power amp and passive pre-amp and I can't e... 
PSB vs. Paradigm vs. B W
All three lines you refer to are good. The difference is the performance vs cost issue. PSB have their Image series assembled in a factory in China using a modular construction/design process. They are outstanding performers. Do not be fooled by p... 
Fedex to Canda from the USA
I have had many pieces shipped from U.S. to Canada,and the best and most cost effective way is using the postal service.The rates are a higher but you avoid the"brokerage fees "which little are nothing short of highway robbery.