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Rogue Cronus Magnum 2 tube rolling
The 12AU7 driver tubes make a larger difference in sound than do the 12AX7 phase splitters in my experience and according to Mark O'Brien of Rogue.┬áMy preference is for NOS Mullard CV4003s. I use an RT 6189 in the pre-amp spot and either NOS Mulla... 
Bad NOS tubes...
Several points:From Jim McShane (an excellent tube dealer) on AA:"Do yourself a favor - clean the tube pins and sockets every time you change tubes. A bottle of DeOxit D5 and a handful of good old fashioned pipe cleaners works great for octals and... 
Review: Kaplan Cable GS Mk.II Speaker cable
Sorry for the delay in responding; I was in the middle of an interstate move.I found the Kaplans to be more resolving, tonally accurate and three dimensional than the Symphonys. The Kaplans throw a very large soundstage that is wide, deep and tall... 
Review: Triode Wire Labs Seven Plus Power cord
I also have several TWL power cords: a 12, 8 and two 7s, all in the Plus versions. I completely agree with everything that Bob says above, and I also have tried many brands of power cords in many price ranges. I would add one more thing - that to ... 
gold lion 12ax7 , au7
I have both the Genalex 12AX7 re-issue and the Sovtek 12AX7LPS mentioned as being the same by a poster above. In the phase splitter position in my Rogue Cronus they sound very different from one another. The Sovtek is tight and forward sounding wi... 
Rogue Audio Cronus 12AU7-12AX7 tubes choices
I've tried RCA clear tops in both the pre-amp and the driver positions. I found them lacking in body/fullness in the former but, with warm pre-amp, phase splitter and power tubes, good in the driver openings. They have really nice, extended highs. 
Rogue Audio Cronus 12AU7-12AX7 tubes choices
I own a Cronus and like it a lot. It is a solidly built piece that is reliable and backed by very good service.It sounds good out of the box but can definitely be greatly improved by tube rolling and fuse upgrades. The latter adds a significant am... 
Power Tubes for Rogue Cronus Magnum?
None that I could hear. 
Power Tubes for Rogue Cronus Magnum?
Thanks Facten for your response: that is helpful info about the KT90.There is a way to use KT88s, or other wide bottle power tubes in the Cronus: socket extenders. I use them now in order to employ 6CA7s and KT66s. 
Power Tubes for Rogue Cronus Magnum?
No, I haven't, but I'm looking for feedback from those who have used EL34/KT66 variants in a Cronus Magnum. 
Repairs by "High Tech Electronics" in NYC
Scott Gramlich of SG Custon Sound in Douglaston, Queens (by the LIRR station) is very good and a nice guy to boot. (718) 224-5083 
Interconnect for sweet, silky violin sound
Jena Labs (preferably Symphony or above); Kubala-Sosna (preferably Expression or above). 
Do You Remember Your First CD Player?
A California Audio Labs Icon MkII in 1991. 
Tubes for CJ MV60SE
The stock tubes, which are very good, are SEDs. You're right about them being available from reputable dealers for significantly less than what CJ sells them for. Try Jim McShane or The Tube Store. I tried the Tung Sol 6550 re-issue but preferred ... 
Modwright Transporter VS Transporter w/DAC
It's the Hyper-Mod (power supply upgrade) and Bybee filters.