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Monitor suggestions?
Barefoot sound, what you can afford.... 
Economical CD Transport - Thoughts?
Nuprime CDT-8 Pro?You'd want IS2 as that is the future of dacs.A 60 Euro IS2 cable beats two AES/EBU at 1000-1500 Euro. 
Parasound vs Primaluna vs Alternatives
What bespoke pre bettered LS28? 
Aged components / service!?
I had issues with an older PMC active speaker, my ex Wadia 381 (repaired), my Krell KPS 25sc (repair and expensive as hell).So i have had my share of experiences. That Wadia cost about 1200 usd to repair and Krell device about 3000 usd. 
Aged components / service!?
I asked a dealer now, he says 10 year + units and you need to counterweight they would need atleast a see through service sooner than later. I think it seems reasonable that dust etc can be needed to cleaned out. Well, that is pretty much what i f... 
Aged components / service!?
So for a 10-15 year pre with no signs of wear,degradation of sound or such it's OK (transistor), or should i stay away? 
older CD transport vs newer ones.
If you have a dac with IS2 connection, it's better if your transport have it to. 
Sonus Faber vs Wilson
With respects to how long you’ve had your SF speakers, i can for sure say that IF you get those Wilsons, you will sooner or later have next itch, what happens with a separate power amp. No matter how nice you think the Gryphon is, a separate power... 
pro-ject cd box rs2 vs jays audio cd2 mk3
IS2 connection is more resolving than aes/ebu or any other connection, so for start Jay mk2 is no idea to compare with. Ofcourse dac needs IS2 to otherwise it's obviously a no go. 
warmest speaker cables you've heard?
Could be if you find for example Fusion Audio Romance. 
Low power amps and speaker damage?
I have never ever heard of anyone having damaged a speaker with a to powerful amplifier. Just saying.... 
Fraud and scam, how many of you are victims?
You talk about 1, 2 and 3. 3 can be discussed as they are under attack from scammers.But to say Audiomarkt is same as a none reliable source is kind of weird. What do you base that statement on? I’ve done deals online since i was just over 20 and ... 
How much reality do you really need?
I don't think most want the most close to live sound. I think most audiophiles have a preference. How far are you willing to go to achieve this goal? Most tend to push the boundaries further and further and that expands the costs. 
Stratospheric audio gear prices
Some if not many high end audio gear is manufactured in such small numbers, that is reminiscent to protype costs. Plus some is making things more expensive than needed to target those extremely wealthy. 
So how can a great system solve less than great recordings
I would guess you need two systems. Or atleast an EQ.The better system you have, the worse those crap recordings will sound.