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Music Hall Maverick vs. SONY SCD777ES? Help
I had the SCD777ES for a few months. I thought it had a nice tight bass but was othewise mediocre (not very liquid). 
Headphone/Speaker suggestions
I am really happy with my Grado RS1s with a Headroom Maxx amp. I started with Senn 600s after all the good reviews, but found them a little claustophobic & the sound too distant. I love the Grados; they are very relaxing & have just the ri... 
Subwoof Piega P10s for bass Quality, not Quantity?
Thank you (Snook2 & Sean) for the recommendation. That is fascinating about the lean bass. I have a long run of the Cardas GR, so I am going to experiment with placement & tweaks first. (I actually found that the P10s sound great toed OUT ... 
Subwoof Piega P10s for bass Quality, not Quantity?
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to give me advice! Just FYI, I have an Accuphase DP75V CDP, a ML 32 pre, an Edge NL12 amp, & Cardas Golden Ref IC & spkr cables. Some have advised me to switch to Piega C3, but I will try to heal the ...