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Can I get a CES witness?
What in the world are you asking for?? 
Balanced Pre for Bi Amping Recommendations Please
Conrad-Johnson Premier 17LS fits your request! 
Loud hum/buzz from my left speaker only
First try swapping the tubes from side to side. If the buzz switches sides best bet is a defective tube. If swaping tubes did not help, swap the speaker cable leads from the back of the unit. If the buzz does not switch sides, you may have a speak... 
What was you most expensive accidental damage?
While setting up my Benz Glider while using a small steel machineists square it got pulled by the magnet into the cart. Yep, it cliped off the boron cantiliver and diamond....never found it. $700.00.. POOF! I was sick for days. 
Power Amp to Match CJ Premier 17LS
Hififan,I currently have a CJ Primier 17LS linked to a CJ MF2250 amp. The combo works very well, and is within your budget. A SS amp will handle the bass a bit better than a tube amp (tighter, more responsive). What is the sensitivity of your spea... 
Electro Harmonix tube opinions
I also use a set of the 6922's with gold pins in my CJ Premier 17LS pre-amp. I love them! Highly recommended! 
c-j technical questions
Thiel's are a great speaker but a demanding speaker! You may want to step up a notch or two on the amp and try to shoot for at least 300 wpc. 
c-j technical questions
I am sure if you contact CJ they would be more than happy to supply you with the technical information! 
Relay Switching
Conrad Johnson uses relay type switches for their volume control on their higher grade pre amps. Contact them and they may sell you one or tell you where you can buy one. 
Comparing Conrad-Johnson 17LS to 17LS2 Preamplifie
The 17LS2 is superior to the original 17LS. You can not upgrade a standard LS to a LS2. If you can afford the upgrade, you will not be disapointed! Life is short, and our hearing frequency life even shorter...buy the LS2 and be happy! 
McIntosh MC275 vs Conrad Johnson Premier 11A
Ha Ha Ha! This is the evil twin who purchased the Premier 11A from czbbcl! Yes, it is a great amp. Build quality is to military specs. I found it, over time, a tad soft/loose in the base region. I now bi-amp with a CJ MF2250 in tandem with the 11A... 
EH 6550's?
The king of the roost in regards to 6550's is still Svetlanta! 
How do you cope with dust build up ?
I use a couple of cans of 'caned air' a year to keep things tidy! Works great for hard to reach or very delicate areas. 
Sonic Frontiers to Conrad Johnson .
The Premier 16 is no longer in production, but it is an excellent pre-amp. I am sure you can find one here on the Audiogon. I have a Premier 17 LS, which is still in production, and am amazed on a regular basis with the sound quality. I do not thi... 
How Long do LP's last
From the research and information I have been able to uncover over the years here is what I have found....with a properly set up, good quality analog system, and with clean vinyl (very important), you can expect approx. 1,000 plays prior to loosin...