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Loudspeakers have we really made that much progress since the 1930s?
I carefully wade into this discussion by disclaiming, up front, that I am not very technical when it comes to field of high end audio.  JHConnor said the above.  Don't worry, JH, most high end speaker manufacturers are in the same boat as you.  A... 
Loudspeakers have we really made that much progress since the 1930s?
Obviously you know the answer, but are having a bit of fun.  Of course sound quality has regressed, if the goal is for the sound to be more reminiscent of real music.  Speakers are, for the most part, smaller.  But there have been big tradeoffs in... 
Best loudspeaker with coincident/coaxial driver
Coincident drivers are no guarantee of anything. I've heard coincident and non-coincident prototypes of essentially the same monitor and even from 3 feet away there was not a "coincident advantage".Now, the large spread of drivers, and maybe other... 
How much am I missing with SL1200 mk2?
At the same price, you are missing nothing, you are ahead of the game. And with the names you mention, the same, you are doing fine. You have to spend a lot more ($5k+) to get a lot better, and it will take different brands than you mention. 
How old are your speakers
Newest 1 year old, oldest 55 years old, many in between. My favorites are the oldest, and in reality there has been little progress in state of the art speaker design, but great progress in the science of marketing and getting huge sums of money o... 
Bose 901's with "highend ancillaries"??
Most audiophiles will dismiss these as garbage, along with all horn speakers and other brands / technologies not blessed by the gurus of mainstream high end. In fact, I have heard speakers at far higher price ranges do more damage to the music, an... 
Which model Tannoy for my audio room
Agreed, Douglas. 
Which model Tannoy for my audio room
Your bigger amps will drive the Westminsters. You have to go with them if you have the funds. A speaker to own for life. Canterburies, they are great, but the Westminsters are the stuff of dreams. 
Tonearm Options for Basis 2800
I made a mistake to post things I saw. You can email him and ask what he uses. I know there are no plans to sell speakers. 
Tonearm Options for Basis 2800
Whatever he does it is done to the extreme. Fanatical research, laser focus, run through the walls effort. You have to spend some time there to see the projects in different areas all done as completely. The speakers, jaws dislocate. 
"forward' vs "laid back" speakers
I'd say reviews don't even tell you what to go here. They more tell you about the business aspects of reviewer-manufacturer relationships. Guys on forums? Not much better, everyone owns "the best" til they change, suddenly the old ones have big fa... 
Anything as " fast" as SPECTRAL gear?
Audiolabyrinth, have you considered that it might just be the level of distortion you don't like when you hear Spectral, and not that it's "fast"? Fast or not, who cares about speed if a product just does not sound like music, no matter what the p... 
Anything as " fast" as SPECTRAL gear?
"XXX brand is 'fast' and that makes it better" is just so much marketing hype. I find that threads like this have little to do with listening to music and more to do with wanting to fall in love with gear based on notions that some company puts fo... 
HRS M3X isolation base or Minus-K?
There is a drastic mismatch between the claimed technical / analytical claims of Mr. Sprey and the products he puts forth. Further, the writing and claims of these products are absolutely ridiculous and devoid of any real scientific reality.Anothe... 
Thiel with "Warmest" Midrange? 2.7 vs 3.7 vs Older
'What's more comfortable, an ice-pick pushed through your ear into your brain or a screwdriver?" "I know neither is comfortable, but........"