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Best HDMI Cable for Video
That's an interesting find Al...Care to share which mono$ series cable you purchased/using? I just learned of them a couple years ago and purchased some highly reviewed 'cheap' rca's for connection between prepro and pwr amp...sounds fine and no r... 
Difference between 720p and 1080p projectors?
A 1080p pj will certainly look better than a 720p pj when it comes to br. Hdtv is another story. It may or may not look better depending on broadcast and your lighting conditions remembering that with ambient light you need more lumen output. I ha... 
oppo 83/integra 9.8/720 projector
Should not be any difference as component will carry the 1080p from bluray to your pj and then pj will redo everything to its native rez. Why 100 ft? that may be deciding factor...hdmi is not happy at those lengths. Thinking about upgrading pj? 
Monoprice HDMI Silver vs. Copper
Not sure about silver content but length/gauge should be considered. Use bigger gauge for longer runs to avoid dropouts. The 22ga would be better than the 24ga in case of long run. Short runs I would get the 'thinner' stuff for greater flexibility... 
inexpensive xlr cables for JL 113 subs
Emotiva have a promising line of cables including xlr's but not sure about has info. 
Oppo BDP-83 question
Region code you can play your Hungarian indie films without conflict. Basically plays dvd's from other regions around the world. If you move to Australia...take your gear with you or at least the will not be able to watch the dv... 
$300 for older Rotel/Outlaw or do something else?
The 606/607 should have 'pre-outs' not to be confused with the multi-ch in's. What are you using now? What is your goal. You have ideas but pardon certain goal.direction. What do you want? A modern recv'r or prepro that cost less today tha... 
Final recommendations on a processor?
I don't think the Integra can be beat for the money. It's just a solid piece that does everything well. Friend has one and it is nice in all aspects. 
Why is 2 Channel better than multi-channel?
Talk about learn something new everyday...I had no idea 2ch was better than 
Oppo BDP-83 question Kal said. I run hdmi to my pj and analog outs to my prepro and digi to my prepro with my 83. 
oppo dvd players
I own a 980 and 83...the 83 is a better machine in all aspects on my tv and pj setup. Whether it's 2ch, multi-ch, sdvd, br, etc...overall superior machine. The 980 is a giant killer...the 83 is priceless for what it is. 
DVD or Blu Ray Player Recommendation
Awesome...enjoy...cheers! That 83 is a heck of machine indeed. 
$300 for older Rotel/Outlaw or do something else?
Gave it some thought...Look for an Onkyo 606...hint-hint. See how you like it alone and then jack in the amps if you want/feel you need more. 
$300 for older Rotel/Outlaw or do something else?
Sure. Quite reasonable on a tight budget. In fact, you could utilize the hirez codecs via analog to the prepro and let the br player decode/process for you. That's what I do w/ my oppo83. Just be sure the player does onboard decoding/processing. I... 
What's the latest word on the Emotiva UMC-1?
Emotiva are state side based...Tennessee. Built offshore for savings but under strict supervision/guidance. They do repairs state side and/or replace the unit. I'm waiting for a full blown review or two concerning the umc1 and the xmc1 which is, d...