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What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Joe Satriani's Surfiing with the Alien...whole album is a solo:) 
Floyd-The Wall...which one?
You mean the one that goes..."we don't need no edumacation...we don't need no thawt control...?" 
Floyd-The Wall...which one?
I'm considering a used copy of the remaster from 2000 ...?...should be fine enough for me. The mfsl and Japan imports are not my goal or intentions...just a decent version...Capital/EMI I believe. 
the greatest pop song ever?
set speakers large or small?
Reason for setting sub above xover point of recv'r/preamp is to make sure the range transfer for lack of better phrase is not missed. Example...if you set sub to 60 hz and recvr to 80hz....the info between the two settings would not get to sub the... 
set speakers large or small?
All this really depends on how well the bass management is within system. I agree most with set to what sounds best though some will disagree. You will have different results from different sources such as dvd or cd. The mains are sufficient for m... 
looking for solution...maybe simple question???
Shop for an Onkyo...or one of the mid-line Yamahas. I would go with an Onkyo 700 series...check here or elsewhere online. 
A/V Receivers with Ethernet Connection Question
Don't quote me on it but think the newer Pioneers will...or just use an airport express with optical to mini optical cable like I do. I stream from my iMac and it sounds great. I also ran a cat6/6 from xbox to the airport and now have internet for... 
Laserdisc Dynamics vs Blu Ray
Nothing wrong with fond memories. I still yearn for the sound I got from an old Yamaha ca integrated with a set of Technics 10" 3ways and a Technics that sounded good...using 'zip' cord for spkr cables. It kicked butt. However, when it co... 
new AVR ? or revamp
First upgrade the sub. You can add an Emotiva xpa5 and use the recvr as a prepro. This will kick things up to whole new level. You will be all giggles. I suggest Svs, Hsu, Ed, or Epik subs. Get the most you can afford. A good sub will never go out... 
Oppo 83
I use the 7.1 analog out for multich music, stereo music, dvd, and br. I have this set as dvd input source on prepro. I use an optical as well and have that input set as cd on prepro. I run hdmi direct to display/pj in my case. With this config I ... 
Connecting a subwoofer.....
The sub can be connected using a rca cable from the amp/recvr sub out which would be line level...or run speaker cables to the sub as if they were the main spkrs...and then more spkr cable from sub to spkrs themselves. That would be speaker level.... 
flat screen wall mount question
No worries with a trusted brand like Omni or Sanus...though I cringe at the prices. As long as you use 3 or 3 1/2 in lag screws in the studs that tv "aint goin'" anywhere. 
Laserdisc Dynamics vs Blu Ray
Recent DD true hd and Dts Hd Ma are light yrs better than the best questions. 
Cable Elevators - What do you use?
Puerto...I only use Great Value Yogurt cups (Walmart) as they are just as effective as Yoplait and give them my highest recommendation ;)