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Looking for recommendations for a pair of full range speakers for ~8k or under
If you're talking full range, you NEED to check out Omega Speakers. In addition to having a decent number of styles which are pretty customizable, they are also 100% made by hand here in the USA and look absolutely gorgeous.  
Looking for a turntable around $1k...
I have a Rega P3. Great TT with the capacity for some upgradability. I also like vintage Dual TTs. Go to, get yourself a 1218 and buy a cartridge with an upgradable stylus. 
I have been on the hunt for the best turntable I can buy. Any suggestions?
Go to and buy a 1229. 
Surge protectors and power conditioners - Good idea or bad?
When I built my Bob Latino amp, the instructions explicitly said to not attach the amplifier to a power conditioner. I didn't quite understand the explanation, but leads me to believe that it is not an entirely neutral thing to add to your power.  
Recommendations for a modestly-priced audio system?
Klipsch RP-600M and the Vista Audio Spark. The Klipsch monitors really truck with few watts and the Spark is a wonderful class A/B compact amp. Then, add an Emotiva Bluetooth. The Emotiva sounds decent on it's own, but you can feed it to a better ... 
Reccomend a good preamp for me.
Tubes4HiFi PH14. You can have it built with balanced inputs and/or outputs. Wonderful sound, but might be a bit too "tubey" for some amps.  
Tube Dealers 2021  is good. I'm more limited selection, but that's only because they're very selective about the tube they accept.  
Bummer to hear. I actually bought a small item on that website and, while the whole thing felt a bit janky, my merchandise arrived and everything was fine.  
Say a fella wants to build an SET monoblock based on the 300B..
Does it have to be mono blocks? If not, the Elekit is fantastic. Especially with the Lundahl transformers.  
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
Are you just looking to horn speakers for the efficiency? Omega speakers are also very efficient and sound great with SETs (I own 4 pairs).  
Need preamp suggestion
I'm personally a big fan of the Tubes4Hifi SP14. It comes as a kit, by default, but you can have it assembled. It has left and right channel balance. I highly recommend getting one with a remote control and with Jupiter output caps.  
Spotify HiFi
Yeah, I might do that 
Wanting to try a tube amp.
Bob Latino VTA-120. More than enough watts for your speakers. Get the capacitor upgrades.  
AC outlets
There's a company I've bought power cords from called Ice Age Audio. Never tried their outlets, but they seem to be of good quality and are cryogenically treated, for whatever that is worth. Prices seem pretty reasonable too.  
Upgrading phono stage
The PH-16 from Tubes4Hifi is great and, assembled, it is just under $1,000. I would recommend the capacitor upgrades.