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What's the greatest bargain in SET these days?
Interesting topic for me. I love the set amps. I currently have the Lamm ML2.2 monoblocks and Coincident, Frankenstein, 300b set's. I have the Coincident Statement preamp and the Lamm LL2.1 pre. It is absolutely stunning to listen to the creations... 
Speaker for Coincident Dragons Mk 2 ? Help.
Coincident Pure Reference or Pure Reference extremes 
Is a high priced Line Conditioner needed
I have 3 dedicated 10 gauge lines for my 2 channel audio system. Honestly thought that was all I needed. Sound was great. Living in Florida, the lightening storms come just about every day this time of year so I sought out a surge protector to pro... 
Cables for the new pad
I have some 23 foot Morrow SP6 speaker cables for sale on this site that are a great bargan and have never been used. 
Software recommendations
JRiver for playback, DBPoweramp for ripping. I've used many others and these 2 seem to be the most reliable. 
Looking for Help - LS27 or SLP-05
I have some NOS Pope Holland 6SN7's that I used in my SLP05 before I sold it. They made quite a difference. They are not presently for sale but I could be persueded 
Best bang for the buck upgrade path for Mac Mini
I went the exactly same route you are going with the Mini. I had a Mac2music modified mini and external PS, but glitch after glitch and this software accepting that software was always a pain. Daily there were things dropped out or had to be reins... 
Newbie question re: USB quality
HELLO! What about AES/EBU I have found it far superior in my set up to any USB that I started with 
Best music server for the money
Maxboy00,Yes, I do own the Music Vault Diamond. It has been an excellent server. I previously owned a Mach2Music modified MacMini and the Music Vault widely trumps it in ease of use, sound quality and customer service. Neal is a pleasure to deal w... 
Best music server for the money
Sound Science Music Vault Diamond is much better than any of the above named servers. with raid 2 mirror image back up and ease of use with an ipad, it's unmatched 
Why do ITunes and Pure Music not see each other?
One of the many issues that I had with the mini and why I switched back to a windows based server. A whole bunch more user friendly and actually just as good or better sound. Check out Music Vault Diamond. 
Anyone Experienced Douglas Cables?
I have a 22 foot pair of Morrow Audio SP-6 speaker cables that I have never used if you would be interested. 
Computer for music only?
I run a Sound Science, Music Vault Diamond server that utilizes Windows 7 and a Lineux sound card. I use JRiver for playback and DBpoweramp for ripping. The sound is incredable and beats the pants off my previously optimized MacMini. I was surpris... 
Sadly missed manufacturers
Jmcgrogan2, I very much agree with you about Cary not being the same after Dennis Had moved on. Think we could talk him into returning?? 
Coincident vs Lamm
You are right Charles. The opportunity will present itself once again. I really would have enjoyed the comparison but part of me is glad I didn't spend the money.