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Dedicated power
Thanks guys for all your input. I have learned a great deal about running these dedicated lines that I didn't know. Especially that the wire lengths used must be the same to avoid a ground differntial between my pieces of equipment. This site is a... 
Philips Mini Watt GZ34
Grandetech,The GZ34 I bought was metal based and, as I understand, these are hard to find. Don't have any experience with the plastic based ones so could not advise on that issue.Happy hunting Markus 
Philips Mini Watt GZ34
Yes, Joey V 
TUBE HELP with 5AR4 Rectifier
I happened on a Philips MiniWatt GZ34 and sceptically installed it in my Cary SLP05 and was really surprised at the difference it made. Quieter, sharper images and a tad warmer 
Philips Mini Watt GZ34
There was a guy on here that had a SLP-05 for sale and mentioned the Philips mini watt he was using would not be included in the sale so I inquired and he sold it to me. Now...I'm sceptical about some of this stuff, but WOW made a big difference i...