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Why Do Cables Matter?
Welcome back. I get it now, "Why Do Cables Matter?" was a rhetorical question.  
Why Do Cables Matter?
94-0 another grenade thrown into a contentious subject, by an OP (in this case, that has 1 original post and 3 responses...since 2017), and then runs from the battlefield...laughing from afar   
Certain frequencies hurt
Have you been to an ENT and an Audiologist? (serious question)  
$50k - $80k Budget…Opinions please.
Up the budget to $200K, finance it, wait 12 months, then declare bankruptcy.  
If Nordost and AQ Speaker cables had a baby?
@aniwolfe THX @mixn4him I’m not going to critique anything I have not listened to, but... I started with purple flare speaker cables, which at $700 was all I was willing to spend at the time. This was my first upgrade from bulk monoprice speaker... 
Tina turner Dead at 83
A legend while she was alive. Very, very sad.  
If Nordost and AQ Speaker cables had a baby?
Don't understand how y'all are weighing in without knowing what model of Nordost the OP is comparing.   
A Serious Subwoofer
Next time I get the urge for a paltry $10K upgrade I'll show my wife this.    
I bought this record about six weeks ago, and changed amps since then. Listened to it again all the way through this Sunday. No sibilance with either Raven Osprey or Rogers EHF-200MK2.  
Poll: Most impactful component
Setting up turntable/Sumiko BluePoint with Pro Ject RS box
The Hana ML is very good value at full list. If you have a good deal on the table and can make it work with the rest of your gear, go for the ML.   
Can the level of pleasure derived from music be measured?
@terry9 cool and encouraging  
A rare opportunity (or at least I think it's rare)
Yes, it's a rare opportunity. Very cool. Listening to the Cottonwood Trio now - 5 seconds into track one was interested in hearing more - sounds great so far.   
Can the level of pleasure derived from music be measured?
No. #1 you'd need an MRI and #2 there would be no way to distinguish between pleasure derived from the tune vs. the sonic quality of said tune. "a true audiophile hierarchy can not be claimed"  sure it can. I'm 13th.  
A ridiculously cheap cable riser.
+1 for the 3/4 in pipe insulators. $7 did my whole system and they can also be used to create some separation between power/signal/cable/ethernet cables.