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Where has been your most effective placement for an aftermarket fuse?
on a panel board?....I mean...is this some kind of a test?...will there be an exam at the end...shall I take notes...pay more attention?¬† 
Power Conditioner Cables
'Thuvens' comes to mind..Very good...I believe it is from Norway...but you can get it here... 
Why high-end cable manufacturers don't post measurements?
this is a rhetorical question 
warm organic fullbodied AES cable up to 300 USD?
You should check out Rehuth..if you are looking for a great 3d, organic sound...they are not that cheap, but worth every $ 
How to select a good Speaker Cable
Different cables sound different. if cables sound....stick them into your ears....then tell us how do they sound, ok? 
How to select a good Speaker Cable
pls...someone close this whole 'cables' forum folder... 
... abit confused: how does a power cord affect the presentation of sound...
Local market is over flooded again by pseudo scientists....musikologz 
Putting weights on speakers?
I sugest put your speakers up side down first - then add weight on top of that new top....amazing, just amazing....the soundstage, the color of mids, the depth of bass...what can I say...just amazingbut you have to try in steps..ie. say from 20 lb... 
Choice between 2 speaker cable types.
Their DBS cables are in another league. yup...in that league they do not publish scores...ie.basic cable physical properties :) 
Choice between 2 speaker cable types.
Belden 1311A 
DIY "HiFi" cables - and why I don't trust BJC and the likes
two left handed individuals with yapping syndrome making absolute statements about the stuff they wish they could themselves.....ie. had one left+one right hand... 
DIY "HiFi" cables - and why I don't trust BJC and the likes
DIY cables are so bad, such a total waste of time and money¬†..reading this crap is waste of time.. 
DIY "HiFi" cables - and why I don't trust BJC and the likes
DIY cables are a joke. Not that a lot of guys haven't deluded themselves into believing the fantasy you just...you are a joke... 
1st SACD Purchase
As to sacd....If you like classicalars produktion label very good sound quality 
1st SACD Purchase
For audio playback, I can use XLR or optical from the 901 to the 2600. I am doing some A-B testing to determine which DAC is better for SACD signal has to be converted onboard of the unit...you did not know that?Thru digital, you'll be sending a c...