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Are manufacturer AC cables good enough?
it's a term used when the subjective opinions have been acquired through controlled ABX testing and used in conjunction with scientific measurements in psychoacustics...then I think a proper english term is  - 'estimate'...not 'subjective measure... 
Are manufacturer AC cables good enough?
"subjective measurements "??this is an oxymoron term....same as 'anti-aging' face cream.... 
Are manufacturer AC cables good enough?
Power cord must be:1.UL rated2.Originally supplied, or meeting same specs as original3.Long enough to reach your units easily ie. no tension4.Connected to a good quality surge protector (unless your stereo is a cheaper crap than the power cord its... 
CD Treatment
Had anyone tried spit...and then wipe it off with your shirt's sleeve? 
Are manufacturer AC cables good enough?
Do you people ever have time to listen to music?...I mean, with all this time spent on here posting and talking about "flat earth", arguing whether "water is wet or just moist?" etc etc... 
Are you a special snowflake?
hmmm....I got here recently...there are above average amount of village idiots here....how did I ended up here...oh...took  a wrong turn at the intersection....gosh 
IM Distortion, Speakers and the Death of Science
"We have become far too happy with this stale condition, and, for the consumers, science is dead. "are you ok ? 
Can I go wrong with Stillpoint Ultra Mini anti-vibration isolation feet?
Sorbothane Vibration Isolation Circular Disc PadsThey come in different dia sizes, th. and stiffness matching wt. of supported unitFor a truckload of money saved, upgrade you speakers/room acoustics...you'll benefit moreTalk to structural engineer... 
I need advice for power cords
I gather you just read them...want some some more:always use:'fast power cables''speaker cables that PRODUCE warm sound''fuses that substantially increase 3d imaging'....and so on and so on..I came here to find out about Fyne F703 speakers...think... 
I need advice for power cords
I have a question/request.....those with extreme voodoo opinions/statements re power cords, fuses, cables, only @ full moon hi rez uploads, wooden blocks under cables (not env.friendly, you know that?), etc etc....so, pls tell me that in your prof... 
Fyne F703...anyone owns the ?
no one...??? 
10 Audio Cable Myths and Facts
My current project (and hopefully, a big money maker,) is how to adjust/modify 1/2 in. dia. copper piping used for domestic water, in order to 'produce' a wetter water...you know, sometimes it is beneficial to have wetter water, for example you ma... 
10 Audio Cable Myths and Facts
Hello...Halo...my first post:)