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Stereophile Scamming Subscribers?
@hennigan  I call Sirius every year at renewal time and threaten to cancel, I get offered service for $6/month every time. I do the same thing for Direct TV and get loyalty discounts    
El Paso
Albuquerque has a Listen Up, depending on what gear you're looking for. Not a terrible drive, I made it several times to get out of town. There used to be a high end store in ELP when I was living there. Checking on Google Maps it looks like it's ... 
I need help choosing a budget phono stage gift
Michael Fremer just posted a very positive review of the Schitt Mani 2. $149 and a significant upgrade from the original Mani to paraphrase MF  
Adding "Internet radio" to home system
@mesch Can't say that I know for sure. I'm thinking about getting a NAS and as far as I know it'll play files from there. There is USB input, but I've only hooked up a laptop, haven't tried hard/thumb drives, but maybe I should 
Adding "Internet radio" to home system
Cambridge Audio makes a streamer that hooks up to your system as a source component. Has lots of digital/analog inputs. V2 is not what I would call "cheap", but I have the V1 of this model that could probably be found for good prices used.https://... 
trouble with V tuner
V Tuner stopped working on my Yamaha receiver after an update. Based on some quick Google searches, I think VTuner has pivoted from free to a subscription based service 
PSB Owners
IC, I’ve not heard the Synchrony 2B. Since the they’re both bookshelves they’re probably fairly close in presentation. The edge I still think would go towards the Synchrony, but is the difference worth the cost to you? You can fine some reviews wi... 
PSB Owners
Not having heard Imagine B speakers in a while, but I believe the Synchrony 2s will offer more refinement, extension, and soundstage than the much smaller boxes. I own the 2s and don’t see getting anything else for quite some time. The NAD will pa... 
Looking for an all-in-one integrated amp + CD player
Marantz M-CR612 perhaps? 
Best Sounding Bruckner Recordings
Tidal streaming and classical music
@don_c55 TIDAL’s organization isn’t the best for classical for sure, do you count London as DECCA? I’ve found recordings I like and am familiar with on that label. The Eastman Wind Symphony is on there too from the MLP era, but may not be listed u... 
Classical composers, symphonies
Nielsen, Schumann, Shostakovich 
Recording streamed music off the internet onto C.D.?
I record orchestral concert streams from my Cambridge CXN. I use the analog output feeding a portable Edirol recorder, then take the memory card to my computer for a little processing. The Edirol has the ability to record 24/96, but I don't bother... 
Are you Sirius?
I'd recommend a source component that can stream internet radio. Much more music available from anywhere you can imagine.  
Step up integrated for PSB Syncrony 2
Budget is ballpark $1200, looking used. Lots of good choices at that price point it seems.