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A Question About Time Alignment
Time alignments are somewhat necessary for good sound but most loudspeakers are only time aligned at one listening position unless concentric or full range. Still, it's best to get proper alignments or you have a frequency imbalance, not just a ti... 
SCAM ALERT For AudiogoN Sellers - Too Many Questions
It's actually quite shocking how much information you can get from just a cell phone number. The list begins with your name and possibly address. Some other things might be: Past addresses. Relatives’ names. Where you live. Your assets and h... 
Component placement for open baffles?
I design loudspeakers I use the back wave to load the room with low bass pressure as a back-loaded horn would. My OB system is 2:32 in.    
Component placement for open baffles?
My open baffle speakers are designed for near-wall placement it depends on the overall design. I think it's a poor use of space to have loudspeakers pulled so far out into a room to function. It also greatly reduces any low bass. Feel one would be... 
Contact Enhancer Q45T
I don't use them the science doesn't support the use and if I really need a contact enhancer I would use a silver bearing dielectric grease . But I have cleaned up many cables and repaired gear damaged by the use of contact enhancers. And ... 
Outboard crossover? Why not?
I outboard my networks. And many active setups still require a passive component so the drivers don't fail.  
Why does rock concert sound suck?
The reason is nothing is analog it's all digitally processed. From the mic feed to the board the amplification many layers of processing are going on stripping the soul out of the music. But there is a bit of a rebellion going on younger guys are ... 
Contact Enhancer Q45T
I just spent 4 hours cleaning contact enhancers off cables and gear. I would not suggest using it unless you enjoy gumming up your outlet's connectors and cable ends.  
I wouldn't worry about it.   
The Wilson Audio LoKe Subwoofer.
Many audiophiles buy on name brand and cost not on actual performance. Why I don't consider myself to be an audiophile. I aim for performance not if it's approved by audiophiles and reviewers.  
Concentric drivers
Soundstage and image height, does it exist?
Stereo is an illusion imaging is a trick it’s not there your brain just thinks it is. Just like your brain thinks a moving picture exists when it’s all just still images flashed at a high rate just like you perceive motion in an animated film. If ... 
Avantgarde Duo Speaker repairs.
DIY its an easy fix.    
What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?
It's just wrong to think that hi eff doesn't do low bass I have bass horns that can bend doors and make your eyes resonate some I designed are used in military simulators to replicate explosions and gun fire. Just because in your limited experienc... 
What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?
I use most all types of amplifiers inc SET with a 6-watt SET I have horns outputting a solid 30hz and getting room lock. Those dissing SET never used them or they SET their system up to fail.