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good discussion on power cords
Excellent response! 
Badly recorded albums needing upgrading
I have found this site pretty useful for finding better versions of specific albums. I have gone with their recommendations and been satisfied. https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/the-best-version-of/  
Warm up time for amps
My pair of Bryston 3B are ready in about 15 minutes... 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
Most will not be hi res.  If they were originally recorded before digital recording, they cannot be high res as the source was not.  Putting them in a high res package, does not improve the resolution. 
Speaker toe in
Just toe them in till they sound the best to you... 
Any Love For Bryston Here?
They are excellent amps. I have had two Bryston 4B amps for years performing biamp duties for my Magnepans. I also use a Bryston 10B crossover.  
What’s your vote for the most ridiculous, overpriced, and useless tweak?
Power cords. No question there. If you think a fancy power cord will make the difference, when the remainder of your house wiring is barely equal to a cheap power cord, you are deluding yourself. 
Reasonable high end interconnects: without breaking the bank
I had good luck with Benchmark Media Systems. They sell XLR or RCA.  Very reasonable... about $60/ pair. 
So you want to buy a turntable?
Who thinks $5K speaker cable really better than generic 14AWG cable?
Cables seem very much in the realm of a religious discussion.  Dr. Aix (Mark Waldrep) on realhd.com has had some interesting posts about cables from a recording engineer point of view....I tend to agree with him.