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DACs and more. Is there a good analog sounding DAC.
Holo Audio dac sounds the most natural of all my dacs.  
Anyone heard the top of the line Zavino versus Grover Huffman's excellent Pharoah speaker cables?  
Calling out spatial audio m3 sapphire owners!
If the Spatial Sapphires are anything like the X5s then they take forever to break in.  I have just gone through this process and my X5s improved thru 500 hours.  I am wearing out the tubes in my Sachs preamp breaking them in.   
SPL: Reference level performance, German build quality, and innovative designs
The SPL Elector preamp has given me killer performance.  Extreme clarity, great spatiality, and tubelike tonal colors.  This is one helluva preamp and, at the asking price for a little over two grand, it's a borderline steal of the new millennium.... 
Spatial X5 speakers
@jerryg123 right now I am using a modded PassLabs X150.5  amp.  I do plan to reinsert the Voager GAN because I started out with this amplifier but it was being used when the speakers were not nearly broken in.  The speaker breakin time with these ... 
Spatial X5 speakers
I now have > 600 hours on my Spatial X5s.  They have improved to my ears even beyond 500 hours of play.  These speakers throw a beautiful, detailed sounscape that exceeds what I have gotten out of even excellent box speakers.  Their liquidity i... 
China built tube amps
I have the Audio GD tube preamp.  And it is nothing short of awesome and is built like a damn tank.  It is a Chinese company.  
Spatial X5 speakers
@james_edward I ordered some Blue-Tack and will give that a try!  Thanks....  
Spatial X5 speakers
@lewinskih01 I just plugged the Townshend supertweeter into my lakehouse system.  They make a very pleasing and positive difference.    
Spatial X5 speakers
I am thinking of adding a Townshend (sp?) supertweeter.  Will the Quad mounts they sell work on the X5?    
Spatial X5 speakers
Great read @ hilde45.  One thing for sure, long break in time is a spatial Audio familial trait.  My X5s finally developed percussive bass at north of 350 hours.  They have about 400 hours on them and are still evolving.  I now have my third diffe... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
@ markusthenaimnut we should try and connect.  I have two 2 channel systems going and am setting up a third in a spare bedroom.   
pro-ject cd box rs2 vs jays audio cd2 mk3
I bought an open box RS2 transport from Music Direct and it was a lemon.  It had great trouble locking on disc's.  The problem was present when it came in but got progressively worse to the point that I had to return it.  Jays audio transport is b... 
LSA Voyager Gan 350
The Voyager GAN to my ears mostly errs on the omission error side.  They are mostly deficient in bass slam.  Otherwise, they are really good.  I suspect after talking with Walter Leiderman that his subsequent offerings will address this issue.  
Spatial X5 speakers
@ hilde45 I have collected some excess stereo equipment intentionally.  I love the Pass Lab amps.  To my ear, they do solid state right.  I actually have another Pass Lab X250.5  amp that will be returned to me after mods after the first of the ye...