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Townshend Audio F1 Fractal Speaker Cables
I run the Townshend super tweeter with my Spatial X5s and I can fully vouch for the improved sonics with them.  They did the same for my Revel F208s.   Clearly, it is not just the high frequencies that are improved.  
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
LSA Voyager GAN 350 wpc class D is a kick ass amplifier.  I have had multiple highly regarded class A amps and tube amps.  Not yet heard other GAN class D amps..  
Maggie 1.7i's lack detail. Ideas?
I have a pair.  The crossovers in them are made of cheap low quality parts.  I had my crossovers rebuilt with high quality identical spec parts and they improved dramatically.  Detail was quite good post mod.  
Are there speakers that disappear regardless of the recording?
My Spatial X5s throw a wide and deep soundscape that does not localize to the speakers.  Every recording ?  Not sure but on most recordings that is what I hear.  
Does anyone have any experience with the LSA VT70? Thoughts, comparisons??
I have the tubed Audio GD preamp.  Lovely sound.  Stellar preamp IMO.  I also have the Voyager GAN amp.   Terrific amplifier that does have great clarity and a tubelike mid/high frequency presentation.  I have PassLabs, JC1 monoblocks, Canary Tube... 
Hornshoppe "the Truth" preamp - any opinions?
I have this preamp well.  It is a strong performer for very little money.  It is not in play right now but, for sure, it is a helluva preamp.  
@cd45123 I have Huffman Pharoah speaker cables.  I have the Zavfino interconnects between my amp and preamp on this same system.  
Are you pairing Tube Preamp/Line Stage with Class D Power Amp?
I run a modded class D LSA Voyager amp fed by the Sachs tube preamp.  Sublime sound.....  
SPL Audio
I have the SPL Elector SS preamp.  In stock form, the sound is oof the hook good.  Very fine detail, spatiality and clarity.  It truly does sound tubelike.  That is, a modern tube design.  
Totally overwhelmed (speakers under $5k)
My modded Revel F208s are awesome.  They are resting now in deference to my new Spatial X5s.  I am certainly willing to part with those awesome sounding Revels.  
Just got a pair of silver dart Graphene rca interconnects.  They were inserted into my reference system between the Sachs tube preamp and the Voyager GAN 350 wpc class D amp.  Sounded really good straight out of the box.  There was a touch of grai... 
Spatial X5 speakers
My Spatial X5s are stock though with an upgraded crossover.  I just got Townshend supertweeters as well.  I also use Loudspeaker purifiers that are sold on Audiogon though I had them upgraded and they are presently being shipped back to me.    
Spatial X5 speakers
@char1 I had the SPL Elector preamp in my exercise room system.  I listened to it in stock form.  I did not unbox it for several months after it came in.  Initially, I was going to sell it but changed my mind after it did not sell.  I then hooked ... 
Spatial X5 speakers
An addendum to my above post.  You can drive the Spatial x5s with low powered amps but, in my system, the amp experimentation that I have done suggests to me that the X5s like high power.  High sensitivity be damned, they sound better driven by a ... 
Spatial X5 speakers
Ok, @jerryg123 got me motivated to put the Voyager GAN amp back in.  It was modded previously by one of the posters in this thread.  I was semi chastised previously for putting my 150 wpc modded PassLabs amp on thes Spatial X5s cause of their high...