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Solid core OFC vs stranded OCC copper
I will say it again.  Some people cannot hear differences between stuff like wiring, caps, etc.  And because they can't hear differences they believe that noone else can.   True, they get to save money.  
Jay's Audio CD Transport Repair
@creativepart I found a video instructing on how to do this.  Looks fairly straightforward.  I am gonna give it a shot!  
Jay's Audio CD Transport Repair
@creativepart is there a video for showing how to replace the Jays audio disc drive?  I tried everything suggested above but it did not fix the problem.  Thanks.  
Silver Speaker Cables
Some people's brains do not discern differences in audio kit and cables that other people can hear.  I get a continually amused that they believe that noone else can hear differences.  I don't begrudge them if they can't tell a piece of lamp cord ... 
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
@thecarpathian I have pulled the Elector out of my lakehouse system to rotate in a tube preamp.  But yes, I still enjoy it.  
New, Very Interesting CD Transport
I truly believe that some listener's brains can't discern the difference sonic outputs from different pieces of equipment, cables, power conditioning, etc. Some of us can tell differences in the sonic signatures of various components.  And of thos... 
Teac NT-505 is a very nice, easy to use network streaming dac.  Mine has been modded by Doug Jesse at ASi Teknology.  It sounds awesome.  I stream Qobuz via Teac software.  Works like a charm.  
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
Bought Aerial Acoustic 7t's without hearing them to pair with .operate to high powered solid state amps.  I am one lucky SOB cause that are the best speakers I have ever owned out of about 15 plus pairs.  
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
Aerial Acoustics 7T's.  These speakers are stunningly good across the frequency range.  
Jay's Audio CD Transport Repair
@pindac let’s just call it a day. Your original response to my post and your subsequent response are hard to get my head around; as much as I would appreciate a response from the seller, knowing who to contact here in the states is comforting and ... 
Jay's Audio CD Transport Repair
@pindac not sure I understand your comment.  I asked the question about where to get a repair done because I need this information.  This is the best CD transport I have had including the highly acclaimed Pro-ject top loader.  Asking my question i... 
Jay's Audio CD Transport Repair
@jeffseight noone yet, he has not replied to my query....  
Jay's Audio CD Transport Repair
@tekaudiospecialties1 I have the CDT2 mk3. How do I do power cycle?  
Jay's Audio CD Transport Repair
Thanks @thyname ​​​​@creativepart ! Not sure I understand the question from @bolong , however, if the question is about the model, it is not what u posted.  
Parasound vs Coda
I second the tube preamp. I run solid state amps - Pass X250.5, LSa Voyager GAN, and Ampzilla monoblocks - into tube preamps. The Aric Audio Motherlode is the best of the bunch. The Black Ice hybrid is damn good as is the Audio GD tube preamp. Swi...