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How to clean and polish MC275?
I have had excellent results with Windex. I would not risk using any type of paste metal polish. It could remove the silk screened writing on the chasis.By the way McIntosh uses windex at their factory. 
Sony SCD-XA5004ES vs Marantz SA11S2
I too had a Marantz. I bought the Sony 5400ES and gave my son the Marantz. Both are very good players. The Marantz took longer to load a disc, especially an SACD. The Sony sounds better in my system as well. 
Dumb question? WHAT IS YOUR SEAT/ CHAIR?
I use the "Cuddle Lounge" from Dania. Perfect height and comfort, adds a bit of room treatment to boot. Sooo comfortable, especially with my wife! 
Magnepan owners : past / present
I had 1.6's (twice), and 3.6's in Mye stands. I enjoyed both, but could not get the 3.6's to mate well with my room. i went down in size and bought Merlin TSM-mme's. I have had no desire to upgrade from the Merlin's. They do the job for my room. 
Speakers that excel at depth/layering/space
I like the Merlins for the very characteristics you describe. 
does a subwoofer kill stereo sound?
I found the subwoofer to add more dimension and overall better sound. I use the Merlin TXM-mme bookshelfs on stands. I added the JL112 sub and very carefully tuned it, almost to the point you are uncertain if it is on or not. With tympanis and pip... 
Macbook to USB to which one?
Bwp,Thank you! That is exactly what I needed to know. 
Macbook to USB to which one?
Thank you TheSoundhouse, my goal was to spend very little (hence the HRT streamer and V-dac questions. I already have a MacBook and buying a mini would be needless cost. I appreciate your idea though. 
Macbook to USB to which one?
Thank you Dynfan and Hotmailjbc. I appreciate the guidance. My main concern is an easy to use item with great sound.I have an original MacBook (white casing). I have no other output than USB. 
McIntosh 2102 versus 2275, which is better for LT?
I am familiar with both and have owned the heresy's too. My choice would be the 2275. The difference in power with Heresy's will never be noticed. I love the 2275 because of the remote control function you will not have with a C28 and 2102. Also p... 
Denon's 100th anniversary
Are the components actually upgraded? Or are they given a fancy finish and a signed plaque?The turntable with cartridge looks great, but it seems very similar to DP-500.Is it a better table? 
B&W 805D vs. Dynaudio Contour S1.4
I have heard the 1.4 vs. the C1 in my room with my gear side by side on Dynaudio Stand 4's.The C1 was noticeably better in the bass and much better in detail and transient response than the 1.4. The comparison was so convincing I would save up to ... 
How Many Turntables Have You Owned
Starting in 1969 with a BSR (Yuck), I moved onto Garrard, Benjamin Miracord(s), Thorens (3), AR, Dual (2), Pioneer, Sony, Thorens again, Technics, HK/Rabco, Yamaha, Technics again, Rega, Pro-Ject, Technics/KAB, Vpi.All in all I think It is somewhe... 
Ayre Gear vs. Linn Gear
Both brands have stellar reputations for sound quality and performance. You have to select which is best for you. Ayre is made in America and their service is superb. Linn is made in Scotland. Their service network is not as desirable as Ayre's. L... 
Best Amplification for B&W 802D
My very good friend has the exact same speakers except a different model rear channel, but still B&W. He has the McIntosh MX136, McIntosh MC207 amp, MVP-871 and a JL113 sub...."Unbelievable"