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Why do YOU love Vinyl/or hate vinyl
I'm over it, streaming is the future and today's DAC's smooth out all the wrinkles. Ease of use, infinite library and sonic clarity trump the snap, crackle and pop of vinyl. Streaming has opened up a whole new world of musical genres that vinyl do... 
Integrated amp
Really surprised no one has mentioned the Peachtree Nova 300 or 500, I went from separates to integrated last year and after much review went for the Nova 300 and am thrilled with the results. Goobs of smooth clean power and a fantastic DAC, sexy ... 
Standmount speakers. I have $5000.
Check out the Tekton double impact monitors, giant killers for $2000 with exquisite sound quality and serious thump for their size.Powered by my Peachtree Nova 300 they easily produce crisp detailed sound and lots of warm midrange with room shakin... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
Absolutely thrilled with the performance of my Tekton Double impact monitors, giant killers for sure 
Why HiFi manufacturers don't make active crossovers anymore?
Sorry, but I can't help but chuckle at the image of all these "audiophiles" wringing their hands over active crossovers being digital and too complicated, modern DSP crossovers do it all quick, clean and efficiently no matter what configuration yo... 
Best speakers for max. $3000?
Absolutely LOVE my Tekton Double impact monitors, depending on the size of your room you could get the full size Double Impacts and reach the sky. The word "monitors" is not a very good description as they are quite large and more than fill my 14x... 
Need Integrated Amp with Moving Coil Input
Love the simplicity and the sound of my Peachtree Nova 300, killer DAC and 300wpc 
Need Integrated Amp with Moving Coil Input
Love the simplicity and the sound of my Peachtree Nova 300, killer DAC and 300wpc 
Saw Brian Ferry Last Night!
Excellent! I have tickets here in San Diego on the 27th, can't wait! Flesh and blood was a greatly produced album with great sound¬† 
Replacement for Vandersteen 2ce
Love my Tekton double impact monitors, solid, detailed and lots of bottom end thump 
Balanced vs RCA between amp/preamp
Millercarbon hit the nail on the head 
Tekton for HT usage
My DI monitors shake the whole room and have spectacular detail so I can only guess that the would be great for HT use. 
System Upgrade
Peachtree Nova 300 will make them shine0 
Which cable
You need an outboard DAC for that cassette deck! 
Tekton DI monitors
@Kalili,Once I ordered them they were at my door in two weeks, beautifully packaged I might add and I had also ordered some 24" monlity stand to which I added 12lbs of lead shot for deadening and stability.¬†ttps://