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Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Worst was Aerosmith in 78' so wasted it was just noise, couldn't tell one song from the next.And last year David Gray terrible mix and unintelligible gibberish like he was coked up.Best concert, hmm, Jethro Tull Thick as a brick and in modern time... 
Vibrating speaker cables
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Ian Anderson (yes, as in Jethro Tull) Divinities, twelve dances with God, instrumental masterpiece and very well produced in his basement in Scotland 
Tekton Electron SE
Shame on all of you for raining on OPs parade, I bought the Tekton DIs a year ago and i still love them. I wish I'd know about the beryllium option as i would probably have tried it.Yes, there are more expensive and esoteric brands but I think Tek... 
Does Power Cord Require Burn-In To Sound Good?
Ha, ha, ha, really? Wait for the full moon... 
Audiophile system for Techno and Dance music
Peachtree Nova 500 and Tekton MOABs, done 
Looking for a new integrated amp
Before you buy any of those take a good look at the Peachtree Nova 300 or 500. Stunning performance and goobs of clean smooth power. 
Looking for more detail in a speaker
SgordonDe ionize your room and lift the cables of the floor? Seriously? Oh and make sure the moon is full too (eye roll) 
Amplifier upgrade advice under $2000
Peachtree will rock your world, oddles of clean full range power 
smaller speakers for critical listening?
I had B&W 650's with a sub for years and loved to acute listening sessions.When i upgraded to Peachtree Nova 300 integrated amp I was ready to move up with speakers too but didn't want to give the detail and finese of a stand mount but wanted ... 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
Johnny Winter-Black albumJethro Tull-Stand UpSantana- Abraxas 
I'm with lowrider57, nonsense 
which speaker to buy
Tekton hands down! 
Amps for driving Tekton Electron SE
Peachtree Nova 300 makes my DI Monitors sing. Super clean and powerful 
unbeatable Class A integrated
Still in love with my Peachtree Nova 300, you won't be sorry