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Used 5ch Amp (Classe, Krell, Rotel)
I have a really nice B&K Sonata 105wpcx5, mint shape, yours for $250 + shipping which is [email protected]  
Looking for an integrated tube amp under $2500 stable at 4ohms, state of the art DAC built-in, beautifully built 
Beginner choosing amp help
Look at the Peachtree Nova 300 or 500 one of the sweetest integrated amps out there with a great built in DAC, USB and optical ins and a potent 300wpc. bought one last year and it has ... 
What’s the Right Power Amp Ratio For Bi-Amping?
I have a B&K Sonata 5ch amp,  150W×5 which I used with an active crossover, it has outboard trim but I used the gain on the X-over to set the levels and the x-over pointsThat's how it's done in a pro-audio environment (for good reason)Sounded ... 
Power Amp advice
Peachtree Nova 300 is super clean 300wpc 4>16ohm, built in state of the art DAC and USB in. It will drive any speaker with authority and a glorious sound stage. 
Modern Integrateds with Tape In/Out?
Hands down Peachtree Nova 300 is the most versatile and powerful integrated amp out there. Best bang for the buck with a killer DAC built in too 
What in your mind represents real technological advancement.
After giving this more thought I think it's new equipment like the Peachtree that can process streaming digital and make it sound smooth and natural like high end tubes. Amp, pre-amp and DAC all in one.Haven't gone over to Tidal yet but my Pandora... 
What in your mind represents real technological advancement.
Breakthrough for me was giving up my multi component rack of separates and buying a Peachtree Nova 300. Built-in superb DAC, unprecedented specs (111db SNR) 300WPC @ 8ohms, stable from 4>16ohm, USB and optical inputs all in one small beautiful ... 
Image/soundstage and punch/bass
Tekton is getting great reviews in that price range 
Dynamics and resolution...
What's the emoji for eye roll? 🙄 Seriously? 4k for a power cable? 🤣🤣🤣🤣You guys need to share whatever you're smoking IMHO 
Lightning quick DYNAMIC amp in the under $1000 range
Save your pennies and get a Peachtree Nova 300, it will blow your smooth and powerful, and very versitile 
Bookshelf Recommendations
I recently returned a pair of LS50'S that I had purchased intending to upgrade from my B&W 685's. Although for their size they had very clean sound I found them lacking in mid-bass.B&W has a current bookshelf offering that is getting great... 
Best speakers for classic rock
Get yourself a Peachtree Nova 300, super clean 300WPC with a smooth tube sound and a DAC to make all your digital music sound right.Look it up, you wont be sorry. Best $2,300 I ever spent 
Low End Bliss
Just saying "Bose 2.2" makes my ears hurt! There are some fantastic bookshelf speakers on the market right now for under $500, Elac, Klipsch, Q-acoustics, etc. Read the reviews, find a pair in your price range and hook them up.Then put the Bose in... 
Who makes great active preamps ? Tube or solid state or hybrid.
Peachtree Nova 300 has a great front end, every imaginable type of input and a stellar onboard DAC. All for $2300Check out the stats and reviews 💘