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Anyone Successfully Go from Floor Standers to Bookshelf Monitors w/ Subs?
I'm in the process of just going with standmount speakers.  They are just so easy to move/swap out.  Let's face it, moving spiked floorstanders around in your listening area isn't very fun and I'm tired of asking for help.  Trade off is less bass ... 
Amps for Paradigm Persona 3f
Excellent speaker!  I am currently using PS Audio BHK 250s with the 3F's and they sound amazing.  Probably the best amp I have owned.  I had a pair of W4S SX 1000rs and they sound very good as well.  I'm sure there are many others that would work ... 
Full-sounding SS amps (besides Pass)
PS Audio BHK 250 sounds excellent!   
Sonus Faber Olympica III vs. Cremona M
I own both and the IIIs are the champs in sound and finish.  I still like the M's though.    
Tyler Acoustics
I have had the H3's for a couple of years now and they are a very impressive speaker.  When I heard them at Axpona they stacked up very well against much more expensive speakers.  They are really good in all areas.  It's very hard find any sonic f... 
The most transparent speaker cable
Kimber 8TC are transparent and very affordable.   
what does a power conditioner really do?
If you don't have a very power hungry system I found that PS Audio's P3 or P5 work rather well.  My system has more bloom, bigger soundstage, darker background.  They aren't cheap though.   
Krell Duo 300 compared to Evo 302e or 402e?
I have the Krell Vanguard and my fans did go off in the summer but it's been all quiet ever since. It's smooth and very open sounding. The new Vanguard kind of reminds me of the Sim Audio I7 but less clinical sounding probably due to the class A d... 
Tyler Acoustics my experience
I have owned many speakers from Tyler Acoustics and have always been impressed. This guy does it all from building, packing and sometimes delivering. Who does that?We really should support Americans like Ty... 
Rainmakers vs Hawk
The Hawks for sure... Infact I would put the Hawks against the entire Totem line up. They are that impressive! 
Bel Canto Ref1000 MK2 Or Ref 500m ?
I agree... I think the Bel Canto's sound lean at first. However, it doesn't take long to realize how good the bass is once you have them in your system. It's a tight articulate bass that gets you involved with the body of the music. I am always ch... 
The best speaker on the used market for $1000.00
Anything from Tyler Acoustics. Incredible value! 
PS Audio GCC-100 or Bel Canto s300ui integrated?
I had both of these units. The bass is better with the GCC 100 but the BC S300iu will image better. The small size of the BC is impressive but the PS gear has better build quality. If you end up going with PS Audio get the GCC 250. It's significan... 
Recomendations for using 2 4ohm woofers in a 3way.
If not using series maybe it's best to use 8 ohm woofers instead of 4 ohm. Also should the sensitivity match the mid and tweeter or can they be off a couple db? 
tyler linbrook signatures vs. b&w 802
Hey Joe, I would highly recommend Tyler Acoustics. I have been happy with what I have owned. We need a moderator on AG!