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Are there really any high end pre/processors at a
The answer is yes, and you need to pay for them. Anthem D2V and Classe SSP800 are 2 of them. 
D2v vs Classe ssp800, which would you prefer?
I wish the Classe had auto room correction built in like the Anthem! ARC makes such a big improvement to my system. I would like to try the Classe, but I don't think that I would want to live without ARC!I guess I also don't have any real complain... 
$165k - $200k speaker performance for $40k ?
"Can you get the above speaker and sub combo to approach the sound and performance of the Evolution Acoustics MM7, Magico Q7 or the Genesis 1.2?"No. Not even close. You are comparing super high volume, cost no object dynamic cabinets to a planar w... 
Monitors that play huge
Owned S1.4 in the past, currently own B&W 805D. S1.4 definitely has more bass output, but it can be boomy if you are not careful with setup. 805D is more placement friendly, and to me sounds more transparent.I feel the 805D is a winner. It has... 
Do you ever just listen to music
Nope. Unless i'm listening to my Sennheiser 650s 
Does Anyone Have a Traveling System?
Audioengine A2 (self powered), + Audioquest dragonfly, streaming Spotify. Sounds good in a hotel room :-) 
From Thiel CS6 to Wilson Sophia 2 or 3
This thread is almost year old, not sure where the OP ended up. The only Thiel I've heard is the 2.4 I believe. Sounded thin and dry to me. I'm sure the bigger ones can sound good in the right setups. I've heard wilson sound AMAZING and I've heard... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
The Gallo 3.5 is a keeper. It's a champion. The 3.1 isn't far off. 
Replacement for VPI TNT mark v
Rega P9 would be a good choice for a smaller table with great sound. 
Marten Bird 2, B&W 800 Diamond or Wilson Sasha
What is lacking in your current system that you are trying to improve? 
b&w 801n used price? need a sub?
"But... Would be using them for the front sound stage in a home theater be way over kill?"It's all relative. I'm sure there are people out there who have bought brand new Wilson X2s for theater fronts. The 801N 's high dynamic capability would mak... 
b&w 801n used price? need a sub?
I would say $6k and under would be a great price for these. Think Krell FPB or similar for amplification. I hope you have a nice big room for these!Sub is not required. 
Think you know analog?
I like the giant hand print on the record! 
Would Revel Salon2s fit in my 15x18x9 room?
The room is too small unless you have really heavy bass absorption or EQ. Imaging will likely not be precise. A smaller floorstander would be a better fit for that room size. 
B&W CDM9NT vs Dynaudio Focus 260II
The Dyns are the better speaker by a longshot.