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Am I going to regret the Gallo 3.1s?
10' x 9' is far too small for any serious audio.Sorry to have to say this - but good audio requires SPACE. The room is easily the most important component, and 10x9 is the equivalent of a busted tweeter and broken cabinet in rooms.For anything bet... 
Anyone have the color codes for...
Hey guys,I bought this sub from Zieman a couple years ago. Damn this red, green and blue cable! I still don't know if I have it hooked up properly!I have red going to R+, blue going to L+ and green going to R-.Does anyone know if this is the right... 
Don't Feel Guilty Spending $$$
There are plenty of careers out there where your can work ~40 hours and make well into the 6 figures. I'm 30...I just know that I would never, ever work 70-80 hours a week, even for 7 figs. My time is too valuable to me 
Will my amp have enough juice for the Gallo 3.1s?
Vedder - referring to solid sate. It is more the current and the damping factor that is important to control low impedance drivers like the bass driver in the Gallo.Look for a SS amp that doubles in power from 8 ohms down to 4 ohms. Anthony Gallo ... 
Love the shelter 501MK2, what's the next step
If it ain't broke, why fix it?Seriously - if you are happy with your analog system I wouldn't mess with it. Change one variable and it could mess up a bunch of others.Spend the money on improving your room acoustics instead 
six year old 6sn7's, pushing my luck?
I just put some new EH 6SN7 in my Supratek pre and they sound great. There is no need to spend a ton of money on expensive tubes IMO. 
Will my amp have enough juice for the Gallo 3.1s?
150WPC+ or so if you want to control those 10" bass drivers with authority. They dip down below 4 ohms. 
Cartridge for JA Michell Orbe Se with Technoarm
Basically anything will work fine other than really low compliance cartridges.I have the same setup - Orbe with a Tecnoarm. Currently running an AT33PTG and it sounds very nice with the setup. 
Don't Feel Guilty Spending $$$
"Working 70-80 hours a week leaves very little time to enjoy anything really."How bout you stop working that much? Your life is your own and you only get one... 
Audio Technica AT-33PTG vs Denon 103R cartridge
The AT will be a better match for your arm. (and it's a better sounding cart) 
Aerial 10T MK2 switch to active xover and/or more?
I would not mess with the crossovers. Sounds like you have a room acoustics problem. I'd get an RTA, and play with placement and bass absorbing room tweaks. 
Rega TT Owners - P3-P5-P7
P5 > modded RP3 The RB700 arm is a significantly better arm than the RB301. Go for the P5, with the PSU if you have the budget. 
Can Vandy's get along with cats?
Bunch of sissying going on here. Just get em declawed! 
MoFi So Long So Wrong
Hi Marty,The tricky thing is that it's hard to know what's going to work without going and actually trying it. Dynavectors are great sounding cartridges. The original 20X2 is a good sounding cart, but not up there with the very best in tracking in... 
MoFi So Long So Wrong
Mpriola - I know exactly what you are talking about.These 2 tracks are notoriously hard to track cleanly.MoFi is right - the records are fine. The problem is your setup. By setup, I don't mean your alignment, VTA, VTF or anti-skate. I mean your eq...