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SME V aftermarket cable?
I just bought a 309 with the Zu Xaus. I hope it's pretty good! 
$2500 Phono Stage Suggestions
If you have no complaints - don't change it. Really, you should never change an audio component if you don't have a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish. Otherwise you are just rolling the dice, and will likely cause a problem somewhere... 
Solid State CD Player under $2000
Has anyone done a direct comparison with the Oppo 95 to other higher cost players in the same system? 
Dynaudio C-4 or Revel Salon 2
Dynaudios that sound harsh are poorly setup Dynaudios 
Minimum room size for Wilson Sophia II
11.6 x 10.5 is way, way, WAY too small for Sophias. The only thing I would use in that sized room would be tiny monitors or headphones.Minimum for the Sophias to open up is 16 x 18 or so. Larger is better, 19 x 21 is probably about the right size. 
B&w 803s. Vs nautilus 802
Stringbean never had the N802 setup right. They have their issues like any other speaker (a slightly disconnected top end), but when setup right, ie. 18 x 21 ft room or so, plenty of room around them, with a minimum of 300WPC into 8ohm high qualit... 
Stand out phono stages
My ASR Mini Basis Exclusive sounds about 50% better than the PS Audio GCPH that I used to own. Much more open and liquid midrange, removes the layer of grain, more dynamic, more clear 
Computer Audio – Help Getting Started
With regards to ripping - what is the difference between a dbpoweramp rip and a rip from iTunes w/ error correction turned on? 
Your Impressions of the DV XX2 MKII
Xx2 vs Lyra Delos - anyone done a direct comparison? These 2 are on my shortlist for the next upgrade 
B&W 801D or 802Ds
16 x 14 foot room?Look for a nice pair of monitors or some small floorstanders. 
Why use a super accurate cartridge protractor
No offense intended, but the notion of "alignment by ear" is idiotic. This is simple geometry. Good alignment protractors trace a line that minimizes distortion across the surface of the record. Different alignments optimize different areas of the... 
Can all headphones handle HIGH Volume levels?
Sennheiser HD6550 + a good headphone amp. really good bass 
how to upgrade 802 N?
If your goal is more bass extension, then add a high quality sub and integrate it properly, either with EQ or without. Kal is right on - messing with the 802D sounds like a potentially costly mistake! 
VPI ScoutMaster or Project RM10
I would take the project carbon fiber arm over any JMW arm. Keep the Project - unless you're having a major problem with it 
Tweaking suspension on Michell Orbe
Has2be - Thank you for sharing your knowledge!I do admit that I'm a bit confused though... :-/The instructions in the link you provided say this:"By rotating the springs anti-clockwise (rotate the rubber grommets while holding the metal knurled to...