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Esoteric Mods
There are always two sides to every story.Time rebuttal35 times? More like 10. And much of the reason why is because Jim kept bringing over different pieces of wood for his custom chassis' he wanted. Back in 2005 I was a bit naive on what projects... 
Opinions on Esoteric clocks ......
Dear Alex,Well said! I hope you are doing well in all your endeavours!Best Regards,Kyle Takenaga 
Modify Oppo 980 or add External DAC?
In most cases, adding an external DAC box is redundant, and introduces more noises, cabling, connectors, circuitry etc.. You will get ALOT more performance with the mods to the players internal DAC/Analog output section versus adding an external D... 
New Oppo DV-980H
Yes it does decode HDCD, and it a universal player. For the money, its a no brainer! 
New Oppo DV-980H
All of the Oppo models have the built in volume control for direct connection to amps. 
New Oppo DV-980H
The oppos built in volume control is VERY good. I couldnt beleive it as well when we wanted to do a last minute demo with the DV970HD but we didnt have a preamp on hand and we used the Bel Canto REF1000 amps into some expensive bookshelfs. I was s... 
Esoteric X-03 SE PCM v DSD
Hi Bob,The X03/SE converts DSD to PCM. The DAC chips used are PCM1704 dac chips, which are PCM only DAC chips. However, the P03/D03 combo (for example) use the Analog Devices AD1955 DAC chips and circuitry which enable direct native DSD decoding. 
Is the RAM Modified Esound E5 the REAL THING?
Hi Arbuckle,Thanks for the interest in our products.The reason why the Superclock 4/PSU are different prices for those machines is the extra time (labor) and extra mounting and wiring that is needed for the different machines. What is not clearly ... 
Did my Phillips 963SACD die?
Hi,The problem is the power supply board most likely overheated (look at the power supply board, I will bet that it looks tanish and brown in certain parts), and either a diode failed, or the PWM Switching chip (or mosfet) failed. I have fixed a t... 
Best CD Player under $1200
I agree with TPK123, Esound CD-E5 Signature is one of the best sounding, best built, CD players that one can buy brand new for under $1200... actually $878 new, shipped express from an online distributor. 
Universal player with HDCD
Oppo DV970HD or Oppo DV981HD are both universal players and decode HDCD. The 981 has better video of the two and does 1080P upconverting. They are both under $250 shipped directly from Oppo. Hope this helps. 
Esound E5 CD Player
How short is your output stage on your TDA1541A DIY DAC? this could be the reason why you like it over the CS4390 chip inside the E5, because the E5 stock analog output stage is chalk full of parts and the DIY DAC could have considerably less (and... 
Esound E5 CD Player
The New Esound CD-E5 Signature is better sounding, better looking and offers a new photo preamp board and dsp circuitry, now made with highest quality selected batch of the VAM 1202 philips mechanism, unlike the model made 1 year ago (like the uni... 
inexpensive cd player as gift
Get the oppo! Best Bang for the buck and it also plays hdcd on top of everything else. 
Shanling CDT-100 Technical difficulties
Dear Brett,Try flipping the upsampling button on and off repeatedly.Maybe this will free it up. Do you here a clicking noise inside the unit? It really sound like something to do with the relay.Best Regards,Kyle Takenaga