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Integrated Amplifier Recomendation for PSB Synchrony One B
Good bye audiogon. 
Slight Hum From Rega Elicit R
It sound great, even out from the box. Very good bass, highs. Probably after some hours improvement in the sound stage. The only problem is that buzz. Honestly, I could live with that but hey, $3000.00.The very same issue with the Brio R model. Th... 
Slight Hum From Rega Elicit R
Thank you,The loudest hum is when powering an Amplifier. After that is barely noticeable but it's present. I already contacted the seller and of course, he is not happy with the replacement option. 
Upgrading form Pass integrated amplifier to a better one
Hey Denon 1, If you don't know what to buy, hire mariachi band. Great bass, transparency. 4D sound stage if you place them in all four corners. You can also regulate the warmth of the sound with the heater and the AC. For the micro details you can... 
Difference between Rega and NAD sound
I could be wrong but I asked if anybody knows about the difference in sound meaning transparency, sound stage, quality of the bass. The difference in sound in general. Home sound vs home sound.That link is Elicit R review, not a comparison.  
NAD C326 troubleshooting
With the CD player playing no issues. Actually, all my music is on the PCbut I just cannot believe that the PC caused the problem. I used Rotel, Simaudio without any issues. 
Amp fan cooling without dc current in the 110 line
The fan should be put on a top of the Amplifier where is the hottest to suck the hot air out. Check this out. Many different options. 
Any love for the Belles Aria or other recent Belles amplifier?
Only the Belles dealers wows Aria.  
Any love for the Belles Aria or other recent Belles amplifier?
signaturesound,Can you please explain how is the Aria "terrific" amplifier when NAD C356(when it works, of course) sound better with the Cardas Clear for Pre/Amp. Better bass and much more detailed sound. With the NAD you can actually hear the plu... 
Stay away from the nad
Sorry for typo. "advice". Yes, I contacted nad and the first question was "is the unit still in warranty". When I said no I've got the answer "Sorry for the trouble". Any further conversation with them was over. 
Stay away from the nad
It meant to be advise not complaining. No help from nad. 
Stay away from the nad
donjr,Of course. With the right interconnects nad can sound very good but their reliability is terrible. I live in New York. Service centers charge $150.00+per hour for their service plus parts, if necessary. It is not normal that 3 amplifiers f... 
Stay away from the nad
ivanj,Yes please! I already contacted few Accuphase dealers and I am expectingtheir phone calls on Monday. 
accuphase compare to mcintosh
greginnh,Are you by any chance familiar with the E-270 model. Of course, that'stheir basic model. Is it big difference in the sound between E-270 and their upper end E-470. I listened my speakers with the E-470 which I can not afford and I really ... 
Stay away from the nad
chilycat,I am just curious, how would you call 3 amplifiers from the same manufacturer that failed a couple of months after the warranty expired.I call it disposal electronics. I mentioned C275 and two C356's, but I forgot to mention M3 on which d...