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Has anyone tried clarus crimson speaker cables?
Old thread, but I can chime in here. The Clarus Crimson are extremely good and a bargain at their price point. I replaced a complete Nordost Valhalla and Odin setup with Clarus Crimson, and never looked back. The Clarus added better bass and a mor... 
Help me find WARM speakers a la Sonus Faber
Have you heard Aerial Acoustics Model 7T? In my ears far better than SF Olympica. 
Class D and Power Cables
I have tried Clarus Crimson power cord on both Bel Canto and Jeff Rowland class D amps with amazing results. 
Anyone tried Quantum Resonant Technology?
I have four Qx4 in my system, two for front-end and one for each mono block. They have transformed the sound of my system. I plan to test some Qv2s pretty soon. 
Review: Theta Compli Blu vs Oppo BDP-83 SE
I now have both the Theta Compli Blu and the Oppo 95 and run side by side comparison. Yes, it is right what someone said that these new machines from Oppo represent a jump in performance. Earlier I preferred the Compli over the Oppo 83, but with t... 
Rowland 625
I see Electrocompaniet is discussed. They are good amps, and very good value, especially here in Norway where I live. Just a short comment on Electrocompaniet vs Rowland: A Norwegian Hifi magazine called Fidelity, now has expanded to Scandinavia, ... 
Rowland 625
I have tweaked my 301s quite a lot to get maximum sound quality out of them. Nordost Odin power cables and a Quantum Qx4 AC purifier for each. The sound I now have is unbelievable. I have placed each one of them on a Symposium Ultra platform which... 
Nordost Quantum Technology Products
I have 3 Qx4 in my stereo system and 1 for my HT system.They are extraordinary devices, but needs attention regarding where to place them and what cables to use and how. I thought first that it was most important to have a good AC cable into the Q... 
Is this the END of DAYS for the high end CD player
I have a Burmester 069 reference cd player and as much as I have tried out computer based solutions with all different kind of tweaks, software and settings I still have never come close to the realism, the detail level and sheer musicality I get ... 
Review: Theta Compli Blu vs Oppo BDP-83 SE
Theta will release a Compli Blu mkII. So far I donĀ“t know if it will be based on Oppo 93 or 95. 
ASR Emitter II or Burmester 911?
Good to hear! I have had my Burmester 069 cd and 077 pre a couple of years now and I am still getting goosebumps. 
Plugging Amp into Power Conditioner???
My Jeff Rowland 301 mono amps sound a lot better when getting their power from a Burmester AC conditioner (but that is not the case with several other conditioners I have tried) 
Review: Theta Compli Blu vs Oppo BDP-83 SE
In the test Blu-Ray audio was sent as bitstream over HDMI.LPCM was for SACD only as the Cary Cinema 11a currently does not decode DSD. In the menu for both the Oppo and the Theta Compli Blu (which are identical menus), you can set SACD output spec... 
Analogue for Home Theater???
I have a Theta Digital Compli Blu player and a Cary Cinema 11a HD surround processor. Playing music this system sounds best when I connect the player to the processor with analog interconnects (The Cinema 11a has very good analog multichannel prea... 
What video processor should I get?
Or chech out the Crystalio II from PixelMagic. It is an awesome unit.