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Affordable improvement on Valhala Circus LInn LP12
I have been asking myself pretty much the same question and have also read Salvatore's comments. For the money involved, I think it would be a lateral move. I have 3 Linn lp 12s. The one I am listening to the most at this time is a Valhalla, Ittok... 
Schubert Impromptus
Radu Lupu, Decca Legends 289 460 975-2. Read the reviews. Best regards. 
Your Top 5 Favorite Power Ballads
#5 Midnight Oil- One Country 5:55#4 Springsteen- Backstreets(Hammersmith Live) 7:22#3 Gov't Mule- Soulshine(Deepest End) 10:29#2 Springsteen- For You(Hammersmith Live) 8:26#1 Lynyrd Skynyrd (BBC Live) 10:13 
'they blew'em off the stage'
1978(?). Tom Waits played before Jerry Jeff Walker at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI. When Mr Waits did "Phantom 309" it was a transcendent moment. Mr Walker may have been a little under the weather that night. 
What song best sums up the previous year?
"It's All Over Now Baby Blue" Bob Dylan. "the vagabond who's rapping at your door is standing in the clothes that you once wore." 
What's the funniest song you ever heard?
Meat Loaf, "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights". Humor-the shock of recognition. I think Leslie Fielder said that. 
Any problems with Springsteens DualDisc?
Would not play in my car cd player (1997 Toyota 4runner),played in nad 541i, burned it with imac and played the burned disc in the car. 
Top "covers"
Tom Waits doing Red Sovine's "Phantom 309". 
How about some slammin' reggae for my N802's....
Midnite, "Ras Mek Peace" Mapleshade CD #MS 06552 sounds great and the music is great too. Sly and Robbie have a fairly recent compilation disc that may be worth checking out as well. "Equal Rights" is one of my favorite lps. 
Tossing out a question about some 'tables...
I bought new a Thorens TD 316 MK II, which is a 318 without automatic shut off, and a new Linn Basik which was made after the Axis had been discontinued. You could tell the Linn was better wearing a blindfold. I would say a thing to be wary about... 
No Audiophiles in Hollywood
Pulp Fiction. One scene cueing a record, (I think Dusty Springfield), one scene playing a reel to reel tape deck. 
What music do you want to play really loud?
John Mellencamp- Crumblin' Down, Pink Houses Joe Cocker- Seven DaysU 2- Silver and GoldMidnight Oil- Beds Are BurningPage and Plant-Nobody's Fault But MineGregg Allman- Will The Circle Be Unbroken 
Mark Knopfler's Ragpickers Dream-heard it?
"German beer is chemical free, Germany's alright with me." That couplet makes the album worth the money. Egoss hits the nail on the head. 
How to demag. tape heads with bulk eraser
Much to my dismay I bought the one from before I saw sdcampbell's generous offer. My actually sent my previous post without seeing sdcampbell's. Sorry about that. 
How to demag. tape heads with bulk eraser
Thanks a lot for the super fast great answers. I called and and bought one for $40. I searched the archives here and didn't find anything on demagnetizers. I've played about 25 hours worth of tape since I bought the machine and have be...