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Clarity Cables
Thanks WigThe Organic interconnect is now in and has the character of the digital. Biggest gains from the digital cable however.Without the Isotek power cond the Vortex really opens up and differentiates itself from the WSS PC. I would guess this ... 
Clarity Cables
Hi Wig;I do have an Isotek break-in CD/FLAC but that would take a week or so. I will google cable cooker.The digital Organic is 1.5 meter in length for clarification. 
What does one purchase after owning horns?
I guess the Horning Hybred Algame I use don't qualify for this discussion. But I would like to make the effort to hear an AG horn system somewhere just to compare. 
a good pre amp with remote usd6000 or less used
Do you want to change your system tonality? Want more or less of any system attributes?A Purity Audio Basis preamp should be near neutral with low noise and nice dynamics.I have their Silver Reference preamp and am wowed by the preamp's low noise ... 
Class D amps,bang for your buck ones
Keep an eye on Virtue Audio amps. Stereomojo says more goods are coming soon.Clarity, yes. 
New vinyl's noisy little secret
Clean before playing.The time it takes me to clean one album is approx the length of one side on the album.That leaves me not complaining about today's pressings, just some grumbles about the time to clean. 
centering the human voice
Good thought Reubent.And try changing +/- on the speakers only. Keep right amp input to right speaker etc. 
has anyone tried PS Audio perfect wave duo
Any other beta testers besides Mr Darby? Comments? 
AMR CD-77 anyone tried rolling the tubes?
TKS for taking the time to post your observations. 
Guitar's...what do the audionuts play?
I am a fan of the older Tokai LP knockoffs. Play wonderfully. Modern I like used McInturff for humbuckers. Well built.And I will try to get a Senn tele and/or strat. The Senns feel terrific.I want to hear the guitar, so I prefer no negative feedba... 
Best new loudspeaker
Techmachine;Did you get to hear the NSR speakers?It sounds like one can get a wide range of reproduction from the speakers with different front components.Stereotimes review is up. 
Anyone else tried the Acoustic Systems Liveline?
"the balance cable is around $1500; the single rca are $1000"Is that European pricing? 
What goes beneath your Nottingham?
When I had my Dais up in use, I had good luck with Redpoint Black Holes footers. Space arm and 90X. I needed about 7-8 of them tho. Rack was Billy Bags with cracked glass shelves.Good life and coherence, but quite an improvement in bass. Quantity ... 
PC: Synergistic Tesla, Lessloss, Transparent MM
I am still happy with my 4 Lessloss power cables.But I would be shy about doing a review on the cables now. I would wear a helmet at least. Some may post a review under a new Audiogon name and take the "review" price and run.Maybe Lessloss could h... 
Implications of Esoteric G-0Rb atomic clock
Thanks Ehider for spending the time/energy with these topics.