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Anybody notice DTS is hardly used anymore?
This is because DTS is awful. Try it on a linear source sometime and see how often you have to ride the volume; films are mixed like commercials these days to be as loud as possible all the time. DTS was thunk up for Jurassic Park, the big toy com... 
Tube Amp Recommendation for a solid state guy
I'm a long time tube user, but also a huge Bryston fan. I think if I were going to start from your angle, I would get one of those Musical Fidelity tube stages and run it through the processor loop on the Bryston. I'm sort of surprised Bryston isn... 
How much does your system retail for?
I've actually come to the conclusion it's more how much can you get for your money, rather than how much did you spend. Most people don't have the space for a $60,000. but will cram it into a really bad room anyway. And guess what? It doesn't soun... 
How loud are Cary CAD 300 SEI amps?
Nah... Cary's are well known for pairing well even with relatively inefficient speakers like B&W. I have heard the 300SEI drive them quite effectively. SO imagine with a crossover-less design like the Meadowlarks? 
Music for "Tough Times"
Chris I'm with you on the Social D. 
Tube amps and iPods
I own an iPod. iHateit. Actually tubes don't just "warm" sound; the physics of tubes makes them more direct, with more wavelengths (frequencies) with better power. I do not mean wattage by this. This is true "good engineering" - not just a nice pa... 
Most involving and thrilling moviemusic?
Strange but true, two recent ones: Tokyo Drift which includes the 5678's, Shonnen Knife and Pizzacato Five among others and also Smokin' Aces in the Tarantino vein. Duane, Buffalo 66 ROCKS. As does the soundtrack. 
Tube amps and iPods
I don't believe that big music companies are the only way. I do believe it's difficult to find indy music on iTunes. If you're saying you're stealing music, I think that's a crummy thing to do. Unless you know, it's Pink Floyd or Metallica or some... 
Five "Golden Rules" of HiFi?
No - I could probably afford a condo in SF if I wanted to... but, I have this thing about the Chinese supporting American banks with funny money, and housing bubbles popping. Not to mention all the internet tech people who paid with confederate mo... 
What's your profession? Age?
Yeah, but you can write it off. 
Best movies last two years
You know I saw this little Australian film "Little Fish" with Cate Blanchett, Sam Neil and Hugo Weaving which has really stuck with me. Blanchett hotness (which was more like earthiness in the film) which I'm a sucker for anyway, aside; it's reall... 
Tube amps and iPods
Tvad, I'm just saying there are plenty of good reasons to hate this idea besides the iPod itself, which is obviously in and of itself and its thusness and thingliness, to quote Heidegger, a piece of crap. But onto "lossless" compression - lossless... 
Five "Golden Rules" of HiFi?
I'll remember that in my three quarters of a million median market Dweller. Very helpful. Have you heard of earphones? 
Fuses for a Bryston 4B ST
I tried the "audiophile" Parts Connexion fuses also and liked them. 
Five "Golden Rules" of HiFi?
1. In six months of buying eggs and stapling the cartons to the wall in your listening room, plus buying a throw rug, you can do more than buying the most expensive cords.2. The best gear is not always the most expensive, or coolest looking gear.3...