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Need RCA loading plugs
I would think DB Systems would be happy to make you a set.  Old school website but I bought something similar from them and am very happy with it.  And, yes, I still feel secure in my masculinity! 
Tonearm for Technics 1200GR
Nothing wrong with the arm on the GR.  The Triplanar and the Reed both cost considerably more than the table so would be a big investment.  I'd live with the arm for awhile until you get a better sense of its qualities. 
New Technics vs. old
On the advice of some local Visigoths, I replaced the feet and mat on my Technics 1200 MKII.  I also added a fluid damper and upgraded the headshell.  I thought (and still think!) it sounded pretty good.I still have it but upgraded to a Technics 1... 
Duelund DCA16GA
My 12GA took over 100 hours before they sounded good. 
Forever turntable under $2000
Technics 1200GR. 
Please- No more Tin Pan Alley
  I also got pretty tired of hearing Tin Pan Alley at the 2017 RMAF.  The whole bombastic white boy bluesman minstrel act should really be over in the 21st century.Funny thing was I never heard Diana Krall once. 
Miyajima Magnetism
@tempoelectric Thanks!  I just never had a cartridge with such a strong pull before so wanted to make sure.Now all I need is one of your mono pre amps when the time is ripe... 
Chinese fake cables How fake, how good?
Let me rephrase my question:Does Cardas, in fact, manufacture their cables in China? 
Chinese fake cables How fake, how good?
I thought Cardas cables were made in the US. 
Miyajima Magnetism
Guess no one but me has that Miyajima Spirit! 
Going linear - The Luxman 507ux
I have a Luxman 507uX. My experience was that it took over 200 hours to break in completely.  It definitely went through some changes before then.Very happy with mine! 
Miyajima Magnetism
I guess I should have been more clear that I feel that this is abnormally magnetized.  It is like a refrigerator magnet!  I have had a number of MC cartridges in the past that didn't have this degree of magnetism.  I had a Miyajima Premium here re... 
Soix:  Don't be sorry!  A lot of people feel that all cords must be the same lengths or the wrath of the great audio spirit will descend upon them.  In some cases they may be right.They would be harder to resell but the price is pretty low so it i... 
Grannyring:  Thanks for your advice.  I no longer feel any hesitation in purchasing them. 
Jesus, you are right! " It' s (It's)  Duelund no(t) Dueland."  Soix:  As with all things cable related there doesn't seem to be anything like  complete agreement on whether using two lengths of cable is detrimental to the sound.  I really want to ...