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Speakers and vacuum tube gear
I've only listened to a very very small fraction of the thousands of tower speaker models ever producted, but I've yet to hear one that did not sound better with the right tube amps. I've have never bought speakers from a solid state demo. 
Are you in the over 30 K club??
I've spent waaaayy over 30K, but most of it has been wasted.I sold off most things and kept my favorite components which cost about 9K total. So, I spent about 50K to get 9K of stuff that works well- that's about 80% money wasted. 
Tubes for base
Tubes wont make a good bases.I tried to make an amp stand from tubes- not a good base idea. 
Looking for speaker recommendations under $5K
Based on your system and music taste - you might try Cerwin-Vega's CLS-215s. Pound/dollar it might be the cheapist speaker made.( and the loudest) lol. and if you like them you could afford 4 more sets. 
Do the Audio gods shine upon you?
More than likely, your HI-Fi did not changed- you did.Some days my system sounds great - Some days it sounds like crap- it just me - same system. 
How important are the Speaker Cabinets?
"baltic birch ply is 1 of the best materials"I though all plywoods have the potential to delaminate and vibrate internally and thus should be avoided ? 
How important are the Speaker Cabinets?
Me thinks Mechans is planning on reviving the old LIRPA LABS brand. LOL.Cabinets design is important, but I don't think they need to look like the hull of a Criss-Craft speed boat. 
NAD M3 V Vincent 236MKII any experiences??
Is Vincent even still in business? I can no longer get to their web page. 
SS Preamp with Tube Amp?
"Truly good sounding solid-state preamps....bla bla "I thought the whole idea was "strait wire with gain" ?Shouldn't a "really good" preamp shoot for nutrality and thus have no "sound"? 
has anyone had a CLASSE AMP CA300 modded
I'm not shure how one can improve on gold plated bolts that can be torqued wrenched? I thought about converting all my amps to Classe's design..lol. 
Convert speaker cables to interconnects? ?
Would you expect much from China junk ? 
ESS speakers "Translinear" Transstatic
Was ESS the same company as Sound Stream?Wasn't Dr. Oscar Heil the inventor of the Heil talk box, used by guitar players like Joe Walsh and Peter Frampton? 
I moved now Kef sound bad
It looks like your room dimensions are not near the "golden ratio" for best Hz responce. The width and height are almost the same , which is bad news.What is the db SPL of your Kefs? I doubt a more powerfull amp will solve anything. (Remember, if ... 
Guitar's...what do the audionuts play?
Stock Fender Strat with Chours/Delay and fuzz box straight into Marshall JCM900 and 4x4 cab with Celstion 30s. (hope everything is spell correctly 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
Sound LabMeridan (really a whole system)Mirage Msi series