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TW Acoustic Raven owners
Hi Rick and Dgad, It is great to hear that, So I don't have to worry about the chip anymore and just enjoy the music. Thanks a lot. 
TW Acoustic Raven owners
You are talking about swapping chip !!.. ......I would like to have a question about the chip. I received Raven AC around Jun 15, 2007 (couple months ago). Does my Raven AC has an update chip in it ? or How do I know what chip in my Raven AC ? Th... 
Audio Physic Virgo III, probrem on left Speaker
Thanks for informations Timrhu. I was trying to look for the help from Audio Physic. It took weeks but there was no luck to get any respond from them. I looked closer inside the bad sound speaker cabinet. It turned out that the cable inside looped... 
Review: Sony DVP-S9000es CD Player
I am sorry, I should correct the above statment that dvp-s9000es does not work on CD-R's. It works with DVD-Rs Taiyo Yuden from this link: http://www.rima.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=R&Category_Code=DMRTY 
Klipsch KLF-20 vs. RF-7 speakers
Hi Mike,I have owned KLF-20 for a while but I have not upgraded any in them yet. Would you give informations likes...where to buy, what should I buy, how to do .....Thanks 
Your Private Audio Museum
It keeps filling up under my bed and my wife keeps complaint about them. It seems I will have to put them back on ebay some day but the problem is... I am a really good shopper but very very... lazy as a seller. 
DCCA PC stiffness?
The link is here :http://dccaaudio.com/ 
electrical outlets
Thanks for mentioned about outlets and Porter Ports. I just odered from him a few pieces to try them out. I had couple very nice emails from him late last night. 
Intermittent Static Noise - Help
You may try to open up your Shanling CD-S100 for a quick look through components, specially at the caps. In my case I had a bad filter cap popped a hole on it, replaced and problem has gone so far. 
Can anything beat Vintage Amps for the $$$?
I have a vintage accuphase E202. I paid 350 for it, spent around 50 for volume pot and speaker posts (DIY). I don't have a chance to compare with Fisher, Scott, or Eico integrated amps. Anyway...E202 is a wonderful integrated amp. 
Not another which is best but, I need help w/CDP
I also have a Sony DVP 9000ES. In my case I have a few favorist songs that don't exist on CDs. I tried CD-RW (memorex brand. It may work with other brands too but I have not try yet), using Nero software to burn as the out put of *.WAV files. It w... 
Review: Sony DVP-S9000es CD Player
I also own this dvp-s9000es I tried a few CD-R's they are playing fine on my CD player. It seems depending on the brand of CD-R's. The brand (Taiyo Yuden from this link: http://www.rima.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=R&Pr... 
Looking for a integated amp.
I used to have a set up of my monitor audio 5i with Accuphase E202. It worked very well. I saw a E202 selling here for $600. This interAmp is an exellent one for the money. It is quite old but I like it, even today it is still currently in my bed ... 
Tube bias and related ramblings very exciting
I don't have the same tube amp likes yours But the idea may help. My tube amp are a pair of Heathkit W4-AM (link here http://www.heathkit-museum.com/hifi/w4-am.shtml). I recently did the bias by myself. It was required few things as follow:- a fla... 
I need help selecting a tube amp
Yesterday I was listening to a pair of 1958 JBL speakers with 117dB sensitivity. The owner (in Red Wood city, He sold me the table for turntable) drives them with a pair of 12 WPC mono tube amp. The volumm was not even haft way (about 6 watt) It w...