Zu Dirty Weekend 6 went on sale today

The good folks at Zu certainly know a thing or two about creating hype around new products. The Dirty Weekend 6 went on sale this morning. It was positioned as a first come first served release with a November delivery. I bought a pair with the "supreme" upgrade. A little risky buying without hearing them first, but I figure I can probably unload them if they're not to my liking, since they'll probably sell out. Any thoughts on these or Zu in general for that matter ..


So I was reading up on Zu, and found this on their web site:

"Not because of some great googly moogly “climate change” geopolitical power play nonsense"

which sounds like mocking climate change or denying it, not sure, whichever version or half of it is enough to turn me off (besides the generally condescending tone of the section. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, this was written in 2013 and they may have changed their opinion since then - but it’s a very dumb sentence regardless




Agreed with @lak. Zu is basically stating they care and agree about environment concerns by building stuff that lasts that won’t end up in landfills and don’t need to fit themselves into any schema in order to promote this idea.

Doesn’t seem against climate change to me. It just means that they don’t feel it necessary to "brand" it as a market play or to get involved into the political nature that it does typically evolve into. 

If you want very safe and non-direct marketing there are plenty of other speaker companies out there. The nice thing about Zu is the direct connection the customer has to the employees and the CEO. You'll notice this sending them an email and also showing up to their business. That can also mean direct communication without a PR team spinning anything. Sean has no problem being super transparent to how he thinks and feels. 

Sean was absolutely nice to me and was really enjoyable to talk to. He seemed like someone that didn't just want to say hi and get back to work, but to actually inquire to know more about you.

I dig it. Not sure of any other major "company" (of probably 8-10 people) or larger gives the same experience like that.

BTW, LOVING my DW6s. I actually considered lowering the bass some last night, so I think they are still working themselves in. 

@fendersrule You agreed with what? I see nothing to agree with above.

I however disagree with your interpretation but I can be wrong. Most of the time I am. I don’t mean to steer this discussion into politics (climate change is not about politics, but) - it’s just that their articles - several of them - turned me off.

For companies, we vote with our purchases.