How to fight dirty power - I need your help

My system is AMC CD8B-Zucable Oxyfuel-CREEK-OHM12-Zucable Disco-Odyssey Stratos-Groneberg Quattro Reference-Migrage OM-10. My amp is directly plugged into a FIM outlet in the wall. The other component went through a Monster HTS2000. The voltage in my house is relatively high, usually in the range of 126-130V. The sound from my system is sometimes very good, but sometimes, especially in the evening, is tasteless. I believe the main reason is dirty power and high voltage. I’m trying to figure out an inexpensive way to fight the power problems. I don’t want to spend $1000-2000 to buy a power regulator. I’m thinking variac, but heard different opinions. I guess the result to some degree is system dependent. Now I need to figure out what is the key component that lowered sound quality when voltage is high or the power supply is dirty-CD player? Amp? What is the best way to solve the problem?
Q: "What is the best way to solve the problem?"

A: No such answer, except for having your own generator...

It takes several tools and approaches to tackle noise.

I would buy a used little ONEAC isolation transformer (2 amp) from eBay and plug your CDP to it. Then I'd plug the transformer to the Monster. I would get a Highwire Wirewrap and attach it to the power cord of your Monster. I learned this from Bluenose, who also has a Monster 2000. The Wirewrap will smoothen and ease the musical presentation by removing HF grunge. You can also get a second Wirewrap for your power amp.

Isolation transformers are cheap in eBay. You can get a large one (at least 4 times your power amp's RMS) to plug the amp to. Take this from someone who uses SIX transformers in his audio/2 channel HT plus a Tice A/V Solo. The biggest one is 3,000 W (220V in / 110 V out).

Another route is to buy a De Zorel line filter ( They are not power constricted unlike conventional designs and run for about $349 (entry level)to about $1200.
I went the other route. I generate my own power. I use battery power supply whenever possible. My turntable and power amp are supplied by battery. I am working on converting my preamp to battery power supply. My MC step-up is a passive transformer and doesn't require power. If you want clean power, this is the cleanest of clean. Sonics are greatly improved with battery power. I use my solar power generation to keep the batteries charged between use. For the remaining AC powered items(CD player and TV), I use a Studer Perfect Sine Wave power inverter. No noise. Oh, and by the way, I spent no more than many people who have shelled out big bucks for fancy power conditioners and high end power cables. I also like the added benefit of not having a power bill to pay every month. And I never have a power failure or a lightning strike come in through the power lines. Not bad. I like it.
A Blue Circle BC86 Noise Hound Parallel filter for $100 does a great job of cleaning the power going into your system. Two BC86 are even better and what I recommend if you can swing the $200. Being a parallel filter, it does not get in the way of the power flow.
Is your meter reading true or avg (peak or rms) voltage. If you are reading peak, it will seem high. If you feel that your readings are correct, call your utility. 126V to 130V is rather high. They may be able to make a "tap" adjustment on the transformer. As for power conditioning, I swear buy "balanced power". Any conditioner that outputs 60V + 60V rather than 120V + N. It will drop your noise floor dramatically. I use a Cinepro20 (same as Furman) for my amps and a PS PP300 for the front end. Good luck, Bob D
Thank you all for your help.

Sugarbrie – Is the Blue Circle BC86 similar to AudioPrism QuietLine? I have four QuietLine plugged into my audio/video circuit. They seem help lower the noise floor.

Psychicanimal, To get start, I’ll get a small variable isolation transformer to connect my CDP and pre/switch box. This will help me to identify the main source of the problem also. Does the Wirewrap make a noticeable difference? Do you have their website.

Bob- I’m very interested in the balanced power you are talking about. However, I’m afraid I know little about it. Could you introduce some web sites carrying or discussing the products?
I would only plug the CDP to the Isolation really needs to stay in solitary confinement.

The thing about the ONEAC brand is that they use a patented "virtual ground" which isolates your house's ground from that of the isolated components. A lot of noise in a system is transmitted via the building's ground. You can always get a variable output isolation transformer and plug it to a ONEAC. Your CDP will operate at the right voltage. I know Sedond is doing that with his infamous modded ART Di/O DAC. He runs it @ 100V in order to get the proper operating DC voltage.

The Higwire you can get from Music Direct mail order here in Chicago for $25 (

There's articles and DIY projects on noise reduction and balanced power in Jon Risch's website:

Now, for the money you'll spend on a big balanced power...

I got a big 3000W ONEAC (220V in/110 V out) for less than $200. I take electricity at the 220V level and it provides full lightning protection and about a 20 dB noise reduction in the audio band. Not bad. Next in series is a Powertronix 900W isolation transformer to which my Tice A/V Solo line filter is plugged to (line components only). I have two isolation transformers in series plugged to the Tice's digital outlet. My DAC gets a C-Core trans with a two pronged plug. The C-Core is plugged to a 2 amp ONEAC. My amp is plugged to the big ONEAC and it's using a Highwire Wirewrap. TDK clamp on ferrite cores are used judiciously throughout the sytem (99 cents each).

Needless to say, my system sounds very very clean and grunge, no artifacts, just really beautiful music, especially on vinyl.
The BC86 is similar to the Quiet Lines, but the BC86 works a lot better. Yes, I have compared them directly. Not even close. I do find the Quiet Lines do a good job on video.
There is a lot of info on the web. Do a seach for "balanced power" on Yahoo or any other search engine. The most popular brands are Equi=Tech, Furman and Cinepro. Most of the regenerators (PS Audio power plants etc...) also have a balanced outputs. One odd note.....the National Electrical Code requires balanced power to have ground fault protection, due to both lines having potential to ground. Some conditioners have it, some don't.(?)
Twl - Your battery ps sounds interesting. Especially intriguing is the solar aspect. Is the system your own design? Please offer details. Thanks.
Hmmm the high voltage perked my interest. Just took the multimeter and did some checking. My 120v outlets are reading at 128v and it's noon with the outside temperature at 88 degrees and rising.
Makes me wonder????
Just to to add on the "balanced power" issue, I picked up a BP2.5 2400 watt unit here at Audiogon, not because of any dirty power problem but simply as a tweek. It was the best buy of my life! Plain and simple. Robin