ZPRE3 preamp

I am currently using the Parasound 2ch hca 1500a amp with my Denon x4200 receiver. For stereo I use the Denon as a preamp. If I get the Parasound ZPRE3 preamp will I hear a difference from the Denon or not worth it having to spend extra?
I don't know what the Denon is doing/ doing wrong with the signal. I've had really terrible luck with Japanese branded receivers and Emotiva types as preamps/processors.

What is the Denon doing? Just a preamp, or are you using it as your DAC and streamer?

The Denon is working fine. I use it for vinyl with an external phono amp Lounge MK3 and thought about getting a zpre3 to see if it will sound better then the Denon as a preamp..
The best reasons for the Z series, aside from good sound, is their tiny size. If you are going to build a micro system, they are a fine way to go. Like, for an office or area where you have limited space.

Otherwise I would skip the Zpre3. It's a fine little unit, but it sounds to me like you are going to just start on an upgrade path and that maybe that's going to be a stepping stone.

How about a Mytek Brooklyn ? It has a great DAC, very good phono, and acts as a preamp. Often seen used. I own one. :)

Otherwise, how about a Parasound Classic Pre, or P6?

Well I just won the bid on Ebay for the zpre3. I guess all I can do is try it now. I just don't know if it will be better then the x4200 since its a $1500 avr.
I got the zpre3 finally and I really like it. The louder it gets the better sound stage compared to my receiver.