Zerostat? Any Other Good Options?

This ever happen to you? I was using a micro-cloth to get some visible dust of some records only to find that the static in the vinyl was so bad that dust, dog hair, etc, was literally floating up and sticking to the underside of the record while I was dusting the top. Might be time to address the static thing. Especially with it being winter and extraordinarily dry in the house.

I'm familiar with the zerostat gun, and folks seem to like them, but I also think for what you are getting they are very pricey. Does anyone have any other static solutions that they like and/or does anyone have any thoughts on the zerostat gun?
Start by using compressed air (Dust-Off) to quickly blow the big stuff off both sides of the record and place it immediately on the platter.
Then use a carbon fiber brush. Best is the Decca 2+2. It has two rows of brushes in two lengths (2 + 2) But here is the BIG SECRET to using carbon fiber brushes: either YOU or the BRUSH has to be GROUNDED!! Well duh! The static has to have someplace to go, doesn't it!?

Either you can attach a flexible length of hookup wire or lightswitch pullchain from the metal handle of the brush to a grounding point (on your preamp or wall outlet is good), OR while you brush the record with one hand, you can touch a grounded chassis or control knob with your other hand. Works like a charm even in the dryest weather ;-)
I use a carbon fiber brush with the disk on the platter to get off any big "chunks" that might scratch, then I use the micro fiber cloth and finish with the ZeroStat.

Save up and get a ZS or look for a used one.

I'm trying the Mapleshade Iconoclast. It does work well on CDs. Does any one know which is better Iconoclast or Zerostat. Iconoclast is far cheaper at about $35.00. Go to
Of course, M'shade claims it is better than the Zerostat. I haven't compared them myself. I do use the Iconolast as well as the much more expensive and different Walker Talisman.

Dealer disclosure.
I understand that the Talisman is not needed when you use the Mapleshade device. I have a Mapleshade, and it works better than the Zerostat I had..I'm satisfied.
Permostat works great and you wont need to jump through hoops every time you play a record. My personal experience with mapleshade is that their claims are grossly exagerated.
I've actually found the Talisman does add an additional enhancement after using the Ionoclast. I got the Ionoclast first and since it's o inexpensive and easy to use I just use both.
Best anti-static tweak ever - a small, shallow dish of hot water on your turntable base. Never hear a static pop/click again (and its free and carefree)!
Does anyone have any experience with different levels of humidity and the amount of static as a result of the varying amounts of humidity?
Piedpiper - I "googled" Permostat...appears to be a liquid/spray type vinyl treatment to eliminate static.
Thanx Ghost. I like the hot water trick. I'll try it.
A used fabric softener sheet works wonders.