zakk wylde the Randy Rhodes of today?

I have followed him since his first album with Ozzy (No Rest for The Wicked). As far as technique, and his individuality in his sound I would have to put him in with the Claptons, Rhodes, Hendrix, Van Halen category...
I would agree. The further I have gotten into his catalogue (BLS harder and hangover music, Pride, Book of Shadows) the more impressed I have become. He is not pigeonholed as much as the nonfan would think. I love his tone- not as thin and piercing as some of the other greats. Great photo of the doomtroopin DVD. I was on the front row of a BLS show last year- Great.
somewhat agree...the kid from back door slam is the closest i've ever seen to jimi though.
Somewhat agree-
Randy was classically trained. Do not know about Zakk's training? I do enjoy both players.

Randy was actually not going to be playing on Ozzys next album. He was planning on going to school to study classical music theory...That was his true passion.
The funny thing is Rhodes was a very good guitarist at the time of his death. A great guitarist?, No...But indeed one of the hot guitarists on the scene. Prior to Ozzy he had played with Quiet Riot and was well known on the Sunset strip in CA. Van Halen, Rhodes and Greg Leon were THE new breed of player on the scene.. However, Rhodes status d only rose to thie guitar god status during the years after his death.

Wylde has no classical training. What he does have is a goal of always improving on his playing. He does nothing but practice to reach perfection. In my opinion he has the speed of and precision of Y. Malmsteen, the soul of Hendrix and a style all his own. Thats what makes him a great player in my book. If you played ten guitar solos by ten different players you would always be able to pick out Zakk from the bunch. He is todays virtuoso..IMHO.....


Funny you mention Book of Shadows and Pride and Glory. Those two projects really show how broad his playing is...I have everything he's done.
Take a look on YouTube if you havent already. There is a video of him playing at a battle of the bands in highschool...
The only reason I know it's him is because of the non-stop pinch harmonics that grate on my ears. I think he's vastly overrated. I can't believe you say that Randy's RHOADS people, not Rhodes...was not a great guitarist.

There is a whole lot more to his style. Check out some of his earlier stuff. Book of Shadows, Pride & Glory.