Z-Sleeve or new digital cable

Would you invest in three Z-sleeves for all your interconnects or purchase a new digital cable.

I have ZuCable Ash digital and ZuCable Varial analog interconnects. I'm considering changing out one of the Ash's for a Stealth Sextet or purhcasing three Z-Sleeves for all the interconnects.

Which option would you choose?
i own 4 z-sleeves. while i find the product to be sonically beneficial--changing the tonal balance away from emphasis upon the treble, i would change my cable before buying z-sleeves.

one cannot predict which product--an interconnect or z-sleeve will have a greater affect, but intuitively it would seem that you could select an interconnect which could alter the sound to a degree which would exceed the changes accruing from placing a z sleeve over your current cable.
You already have too great cables !!
The Stealth Sextet is, IMHO, the best or at least among the best digicables out there, and I have tried many of the top ones (Valhalla, PAD Dominus, Siltech, etc.). I also have a Z-Sleeve on my IC's and while it provides an improvement, the Sextet likely will provide a much greater improvement.

if your dac and transport accept rca terminated cable, i suggest you consider the original illuminati digital cable.

its presentation of treble frequencies was most natural, compared to other cables i have heard.
Nglazer and Mrtennis, which interconnects, your digital or analog, benefits the most from Z-Sleeves.
I use a Z-Sleeve on my Valhalla IC's running from DAC to pre. This seemed to have the greatest effect, much more than on digicable to DAC, or pre to amp. But YMMV. Its all a mystery.

i have used the z sleeve on interconnects, speaker cable and ac cords. i heard the greatest difference on the interconnects.

i have an extra one and might consider selling it.