Ypsilon Phaeton + Marten Coltrane Tenor = which DAC?

Recently got the Greek integrated amp Ypsilon Phaeton and the Swedish Marten Coltrane Tenor speakers. Currently playing music from Bladelius Embla, I am looking for a better DAC.  Any suggestions for this setup would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
What's falling short with your current setup? What are you looking for? Budget? Any other preferences or items of note to share?
@david_ten The current source, i.e. Embla, is not performing very well in this setup. Simply speaking, I feel that a better DAC is required. :-)  Budget - up to 12-15k.
@msamardzic  For clarification, will you be using the Embla as source only, or are you looking for a complete replacement?

I had the Ypsilon Phaeton for an extended in home demo and, at least within the context of my system, I have a good general feel for it.

I'm repeating myself, but knowing what you want to accomplish from an overall system sound perspective, will be helpful.

Given your Martens, I would think a DAC with a 'richer signature' would be a preferable match...but that's me...which is why I'm asking the question above. Lampizator or Aqua would be two options that fit this 'approach' and can be sourced, with ease, used within your budget.
@david_ten Hey :-) first of all, thanks very much for the feedback. I am new to this forum, so really appreciate it. At the moment, I am thinking in terms of a full replacement (obviously in that case I would also need a transport/player to go with the DAC). However, I am not wedded to any specific idea at the moment, as I have just started looking into the options. In terms of type of sound, you are likely right that a warmer/richer sounding DAC would be a good match with the Martens, but I honestly do not know which ones have that kind of sound. But this is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for, will def look at Lampizator and Aqua! Thx again
@msamardzic  You are welcome. Glad the post was helpful. You may want to add TotalDac to your list, also. Not as many come up used and you'd be at their mid levels new (which are very good).

Synergy between what you will be bringing in as source and your preamp will play a role, as will overall sound objectives for your system.

Good luck with your search and choice.
Ypsilon is releasing a brand new DAC1000 1Q 2019. Looks pretty great. https://www.monoandstereo.com/2018/05/new-ypsilon-dac-1000.html
That Ypsilon dac looks to be a great one. 
The Ypsilon DAC1000 just started shipping. Received mine a couple days ago and in the process breaking it in
Which one is it the STD version or SE and what is your opinion on it have you compared it to other DACs