Any opinions? Dartzeel 108B or Ypsilon monos

Speakers are Tidal Diacera SE in a 13' x 17' treated room.
Congrats on the Tidals. I vote Ypsilon. What are you driving the Tidals with presently?
I love the Dartzeel sound everytime I have heard it.
(OK, I heard them just a few times, bit it was nice.)
i, too, have contriva diacera se speakers and if you are in the mid atlantic part of the usa i would suggest you come to the Capital Audio Fest in the d/c-maryland area in july and hear them with the Chalice Audio 'Grail' SET amps....if your budget allows they are my ears then the Ypsilon amps..have not heard the Dartzeel's but would put the 'Grails' up against any amp with the tidal's..just a thought. or if you are near virginia you are more then welcome to come and spend a day or so and listen to my set-up...
Well if you are open to options beyond Dartzeel/Ypsilon why not consider Tidal electronics?