Your Preference: Resolution or Fullness?

Just saw this mentioned over at another forum and thought it'd be good to hear your thoughts. Do you place a bigger importance on a speaker's resolution or its overall fullness of sound? This can apply to any type of speaker model, whether it bookshelf/tower, etc.
I own Vandersteen 5's. You'd be surprised what well equalized bass will do for increasing resolution and maintaining very deep bass.
without fullness, resolution, does not exist.
You can have both with SoundLab electrostatic panels when properly set up with quality electronics.
I think this might clear up some of the misunderstandings. It's what our ears perceive as natural that allows us to enjoy the moment and all of is somewhat tied together.

All the best,
Al, of course, my oversight; sorry. Thanks for clarifying and for your fine post; as usual.