Your experience with Collectorz database...?

With an expanding collection of LPs and CDs, I'm interested in some sort of database to manage the collection. I'm curious about others' experience with the Collectorz database and, more generally, interested in advice regarding software for keeping tract of a collection. I like how my iTunes connects to a external database for info whenever I upload a CD. Want that capability and am curious how people work with LPs in this regard. Thanks!
I use Collectorz, music, book and video versions. Works well. I tried others and found this software worked the best, especially on the down load of information including art work. I also use their bar code device which intergrates well with their software. lp's, I use the music program but I have two data files one for lps, the other for everything else, that includes cd's and cassettes. Since most lp's are out on cd, I've found it easier to manual add those that are not, skipping the track information except on a few favorite artiists. I've looked for an Internet data base but have not found one yet.

I've recently purchased and started using Collectorz. It is clearly easier to enter CD/DVD/SACD data when compared to vinyl.

I have found a found a way around the data entry problem: I am paying my 13 year old son to enter the data. In the last three weeks, he has entered my entire CD collection (~700) and 300 LP's. He should finish the rest of the LP collection (~1200) by the time he heads back to school and will have saved enough for the nice electric guitar he's been wanting.