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Hi all,
I'm very demanding music listener and listen mostly what not too many listen and/or nobody has heard or played before. It's sophisticated electronic music, ambient, progressive rock, acid jazz, avantgard, dark rock, neo-classical, new-r&r... another words even King Crimson is too popular for me.
My current passion and devotion: This Mortal Coil, The Orb(William Orbit), Dark.
My objective is to find best combination where
1. number of choices is most important
2. format needs to be no worse than FLAC
3. price per download.

THANKS for your input!
This list is very complete, you can take a look at it:
Single, I'm not following your recommendation. The only real electronica site that I see there is magnatune and it won't open. Am I ding something wrong?
Czarivey, I was a Manhattan kid listening to club and electronica, acid jazz, r&r, as it was being recorded in clubs and later played on the radio. What era and what are some of your resources?
My area and era of listening is pretty wide. 80's till now. I've got most of the 80's electronica, indie, gothic stuff on vinyl. Later stuff I'd rather download in higher-rez format than purchase CD.
I've been so far using torrent downloads, but not too many you can download clean especially for the artists you care about.