You gotta love it

Perhaps a sign that Ive hit audio nirvana? Listening to "Possibly Maybe" on Bjorks Post Cd, today, there is a part in the left side of the material, which emulates either a noisy record or some type of static, it was so damn real, that I almost freaked out thinking my left amp was frying out. (Im a tube person)
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If you ever happen to have the 'pleasure' of listening to Mainliner: 'Mainliner Sonic', you will experience a CD length replication of your speakers imploding upon themselves. Somewhere back yonder are some seriously freaked-out Japanese musicians flailing on bass, drum & guitar. Their previous releases are a bit more of a low-key psych-rock affair, but this one is kind of hoot to pull out just to throw folks for a loop. It takes a lot of work to get things sounding that bad!! I keep wanting to take it in as a speaker demo, but I have a hunch I would be permanently banned from any hi-fi shop I pulled this stunt on.
I know of several "low-fi, popping record" effects on some very good modern CD releases. Two of note are:

"...Stop That!" off of Bob James Grand Piano Canyon

White Ladder off of David Gray's White Ladder Album

Also, Cake uses some distinctly "low-fi" effects on the Album Fashion Nugget.

Interesting how much I like this "Low-fi" sound on my very much Hi-Fi system.


Heh, I can't even listen to that track because it bothers me so much to hear that sound coming out of my equipment!