ya gotta watch this

Its 2 and a half hours of nothing but real audio disscussion, I really liked it and thought you guys might, video entitled Deep Listening:Why Audio Quality Matters sorry if this is already posted on here but even if, its totally worth the bump! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY5hI98HEi0&feature=related
thanks very much for sharing this link. fascinating video and I'm forwarding it on to several friends
Thanks! I too have sent it to a bunch of friends. My wife and i really enjoyed it.
I enjoyed it as well;even my wife listened once they started to play music and talk about the sound;would love to know what kind of systems the panel have especially the
panelist from stereophile.
this was actually a really good article, with pics of one of the panelists system, im envious to say the least!
Glowplug thanks for that link;his system is 350K;I always wondered what some of those guys systems were all about;my guess was not even close;time to go and jump off a bridge.
Very interesting video that made for an enjoyable evening. Thanks for the link. I particularly enjoyed hearing the audiophile's and Fremer's comments. My first exposure to this topic (recorded sound and listening) was from reading "Perfecting Sound Forever" by Greg Milner. It's a wonderful book on the subject and discusses the digital/analog debate, the process/history of recording and resolution.