yba cd3 or Audio Aero Prima cd player?


Has anyone heared both the YBA cd3 and the Audio Aero Prima CD players to make a judgement? Thanks.
I own the Prima and love it. You can read my review. If you're interested, email me, and I will give you my man, Tony. I bought mine from him. He is honest, audio savvy, patient and an authorized YBA dealer as well. He'll give you the "honest" scoop. peace, warren
I too reccomend the Audio Aero Prima highly, I also own the Capitole 2 and have compared them and to be honest the Capitole 2 is only a little better, hardly worth 4x the money. The Capitole 2 is widely regarded as one of the best players out at any price. I think the Audio Aero Prima is one of the best kept secrects around.
The Prima seems to be a player people definitely love. I don't think one can go wrong with it. I may even buy one myself one day - have to give it a thorough audition.

Playing the Devil's Advocate, however, I would hope you do give the YBA a shot as well. I only say that because there are only a few players that have impressed me over my audio journey, YBA being one of them. I realize that it doesn't have the specs and bells and whistles of the newer players, but all I can say is that whatever YBA player I listened to, it sure sounded great. I almost never say that about digital.
The YBA 3 is dated technology. It was good for its time, but YBA isn't keeping up in the digital performance dept. any more. The Prima will murder it.
Golder Ears..YBA has been keeping up.. If you ever listen to a YBA 3 Delta and compare it to an Alpha you will undertand.

Open up a Alpha and Delta the only thing that seems to be the same is the drive unit..and of course the power supply`s.. xformers etec..

I had a CD1 alpha for many years and I am looking to purchase a used or demo CD1 delta.